Phonak audio b direct 90 warranty issues

looking at new HA’s and I asked my audi today about trying out the phonak audeo b direct HA’s and he told me that he carries them but over the last several months they have had major warranty issues with them… does anyone else know of them having problems… I think he said it was the receivers shorting out? also when streaming to a Iphone or using the TV streamer does it only stream to 1 HA? thx

When streaming to smart phone, it streams to only one ear. When using the TV streamer, it streams to both.

Sounds like a dodgy excuse to me. Receivers aren’t known for giving up like that - its a coil with two terminals and a centre tap. Why would 2.4V cause a short in that ?

I pick up my new Phonak Direct B (50) 5 days ago. I’ve packaged them up to take them back in 2 days. Only reason I got them (and give up my 6+ y.o. good Phonaks was to make use of their alleged BT/cell phone capability. I have been using an over the ear BT for hours a day - long before (and after) I got HA. Landline like quality.
On these, the incoming voice to the HA works well. HOWEVER, the other party misses every 5th word, has intermittent static when I talk etc.
I was really looking forward to giving up my external BT headset during day.
Like other HA mfrs., they don’t deal w. end users. It took me a while, but found an email for them. They responded to my complaint by saying “something is wrong w. mic on phone!” It uses mic on top of their HA per their manual! As HA, they work well.

My experience was the same. If you want to try another BT hearing aid that’s claimed to be better: Unitron is Phonak’s sibling company. My audiologist heard from her Unitron rep that they developed their own product, independently from Phonak, using the same chip. It’s called the Moxi All. The rep has been wearing the new aids as a BT earpiece (though she has normal hearing), and hasn’t had outgoing sound quality problems such as we experienced. The Unitron aids also use the HA mics to pick up phone voice, and I decided to pass on them.

Don’t get it - I’ve tried it and it kept rebooting most times, especially when exposed to a noisy envirmonent (EMF wise, not sound). It is the first year of this model and it has a lot of bugs to work out. Best to wait for the 2nd generation to come out. I returned it, even after getting a replacement and it still rebooted!