Phonak audeo

my audi wants me to try the phonak audeo V’s and i wonder why nothing much has been said on the forum about these aids. any comments? what would be a good price comparison for the audeos?

it should be a good instrument…

I have fit many Audeos, as well as Deltas and Dots. I like all of them, but Audeos do have two things that the others don’t: they use 312 batteries so you get longer battery life vs. size 10, and you can get a remote control if you want. Somewhere in the range of $2300 to $2500 is probably fair game for the Audeo V.

delta is an older instrument, and therefore it has less of the current
high end features, so Audeo (a 1 yr old instrument) logically has more
features that are up to date… For example the auto telefone… I like the
>Dot better as I believe the enviromental optimizer is both superior to the
delta and audeo…

i would not be surprise if next year we get something
like audeo wireless
and delta wireless

After much discussion and weighing options, I was fit with the Audeo V’s today. They have been in only about 3 hours and I can honestly say that I would keep them, even if I could not have another adjustment. Now, that is not to say that I won’t try other aids. I have a full 6 weeks to try the Audeo’s. I’m just saying IF there were no other options, I would keep them.

The audi, used REM during the fitting process and then backed everything down a bit to give me to room to get used to them. My 93 year old mom lives with us about half the time and I seldom understand her when in the room with her, and now, sitting at my computer in a different room, I can understand her talking to my wife in the kitchen. There is a bit of tinny sound, but with all hi freq loss, that is to be expected. I hope we can work in that a bit.

Over all, I can’t believe I waited this long to try aids.

You will probably get used to the tinny sound fairly easily, but if it’s really driving you crazy at your next visit just ask to have the highs turned down a bit. The more you can put up with it the better though, because that’s where most of the important consonant information is.

In a month or two (or even just a few weeks) your audiologist can turn things up a bit again once you have adapted to the current sound level (you’ll actually be back to where the aids were before she backed them off, but it won’t sound as loud or tinny to you then).

Good luck!

did you get the Remote control?
they are cool

Thanks! I cannot imagine things being louder. My wife laughs at me, she says you sound like your whispering compared to how loud you use to talk. There are some clicking sounds that I have not been able to figure out yet. When I get up to walk after a while I hear them. Bones cracking? I’m old enough! Would like to know what it is.

Thinking about getting one later. I am semi-retired dentist, working basically one day a week with high speed instruments which probably caused my high freq. loss. Maybe the remote would be good to use to turn them off when I do a procedure so as not to amplify that very high shrill sound.

Hi wantahear

FYI, the Audeo V is the same instrument electrically as the microEleva, but with CRT (Canal Receiver Technology), instead of thin tubes. I’ve been wearing a pair of the microElevas for about 4 1/2 months, and I’m really satisfied with them. It took some time to get them adjusted for noisy environments, and they seemed to switch programs frequently when I’m riding in a car. I had the Audiologist disable the “comfort” program, and it seems much better. The “comfort” program is invoked when the HA detects a noisy environment, with no speech present (noise only). It reduces the gain and freq response so you don’t constantly hear the noise. It works well, but in the car they were switching all the time (every few minutes or less). Plus, when I’m driving, I WANT to hear those sounds (squealing tires, horns, etc). Don’t worry about some things sounding loud. That gets better with time. I still notice keys clicking in my pocket, the tumblers when I insert my house key, ice cubes clinking in a glass, and a few others. To me, that just lets me know the hearing aids are doing what they’re supposed to do. I like hearing those sounds. Be patient, give your brain time to adjust and don’t be afraid to tell your Audi what’s going on. For me personally, I’m just glad not be be constantly saying “WHAT?” :slight_smile: Enjoy.


Hi Dag,

Thanks for the info. I too enjoy the new sounds. The first time I heard a toilet flush with the aids I almost jumped back. After 2 days it is actually beginning to sound normal to me. And, I too am not saying WHAT so much!!