Phonak Audeo Zoom?

I’ve had Phonak Audeo Smart IXs for just 2 days. I really have found that the Zoom setting is preferable to me as it seems to block all the interference noise. Don’t hear the computer fan as much, keyboard is less intrusive. The “Soundflow” seems to overwhelm me, and that may just be a “getting used to” thing, but find myself wanting to go to the zoom program. I have not had the opportunity to really try the “Ultra-Zoom” in a situation where it would be tested. Can someone tell me what characteristics are responsible for the apparent difference between “Zoom” and “Soundflow”? Should I not be using the “Zoom” to get used to the new soundfield?:confused:

I’ve noticed that too. The zoom control option takes away alot of the nuisance sounds. It doesn’t work as well in quiet for me as my speech understanding degrades when in zoom control mode. In a noisy environment I often switch between the zoom control and stereo zoom. I do like how the stereo zoom can focus more on a voice. The problem being if the person I want to listen to is speaking softer than someone else close by, the stereo zoom picks up that voice instead. So, its usefulness varies from place to place.

I have the same HA’s as you do. I think Soundflow is for everyday normal use. Stereo Zoom and Zoom Control are for special situations. These are explained on the Phonak website. If you are new to HA’s everything sounds loud at first and you want to be at the quieter programs. I think you should avoid changing and try to get use to the “normal” progam which is Soundflow. Then if they still are too loud for you, your Audi can work it down to what is comfortable for you.