Phonak Audeo Yes IX tubing adjustment?

Hi all
Any advice on the best way to adjust the bends in the tubing of the above HIs?
I have already had one not terribly successful attempt at this. One new set of tubes later… advice appreciated prior to a second attempt.
It is quite frustrating as I can see, by moving the tubing a little with my finger, that if I could get this right the HIs would be virtually invisible from the front. As it is, the tubing goes out too far laterally and also runs across the ear rather than around the conveniently situated groove :stuck_out_tongue: The tubing is, however, the correct length.
So what heat source are you using, how long for, and any tips or techniques you can share?

I’ve been wondering about this as well. I seem to recall that the Oticon tubes can be reshaped with the proper application of heat, but fear that the Audeo YES IX that I have cannot so easily be done, considering the wire that runs through the tube to the speaker/receiver.

My audi is supposed to be checking with her Phonak rep. I’ll let you know when I find out.

A hair-dryer was suggested to me - seems a bit of a blunt instrument. One thing I suspect might be the case is that the tubes will only soften / re-harden once under the influence of heat. Correction of a previously adjusted bend seemed tricky.

The idea is definitely correct here! Heat does the trick as the tubes are made from thermoplastic and have strong memory after being initially formed. All the hand bending and prying doesn’t seem to do it. But if they are heated past the transition temperature the initial memory goes away.

BUT, be ready to go through some spares before getting it right. I heated the tubes with a heat gun (kind of like an industrial hair dryer). Apply heat evenly until the tube goes limp. Then quickly adjust the bends with your fingers.

One side I was able to form very well and the lay is much improved against my ear. The other side I overheated and it turned out funky, but it was still a bit better.

Bottom line is it takes some guts to attempt it. If I were starting again, I would try putting them in the oven and SLLOOWWLY turn up the temperature until they soften. I’d expect 150-200 degrees F, but that’s a guess.

Mine have receivers in the ears, removing and refitting the tubing is not an option for me.

I have made a couple of sharp kinks by hand that seem to be helping a lot and so far have stayed kinked. I’ll see how I feel about it before I have a go with any form of heat - but obviously my options are limited there.

Yeah, mine have receivers as well as custom molds - so if something got damaged, I’d be without an HA for 2 weeks. But I do believe you are correct, pax576.

I’ll wait til we’re positive how to proceed! :stuck_out_tongue: