Phonak audeo yes III quirks

I have been wearing the yes IIIs for 3 weeks. Been back to the audi each week but still not right. I have severe high frequency loss. I get some occlusion but is worse in noisey environment. The worst thing is that the aids vibrate the sound, kind of like when you crank up a radio and its too much for the speakers. The audi calls it reverberation? I get this all the time. I work in an auto assembly plant and its very noisey. I wonder if I chose the right aids. At work in all that noise, some sounds have an echo. My audi says that the aids are having a hard time processing all the noise. I’m getting worried, but i’m not sure if its the audi or the aids. Anyone out there have yes IIIs and does anyone have a noisey job? Your thoughts?

If you’re working in a noisy environment, you should be using hearing protection.

The ‘reverb’ is possibly incipient feedback.

The echo is due to the aids being overloud. (You get echo for the first few days of using a new aid - but if it persists then they are too loud in at least one frequency zone)

Maybe stop wearing them in loud places - or reduce the MPOs and LOUD gains.

However ear protection may be much more advisable, as already suggested!

I experienced a similar effect - something like the reverberation of voices under water - when using the “voice in sound” setting. I noticed this at a large trade show setting, talking to a vendor in the presence of a lot of ambient background sound in the exhibit hall. This was early on in my HA use and I’ve not noticed it recently. As EnglishD noted the possibility, the effect did, for me at least, go away. I guess the bubbling was all in my head. ;>)

I was getting something like the reverberation of voices under water.
But it did not go away.
I have previously for many years used to a #13 standard sound tube and a DEEP seating earmold. Ear was using analog HA’s for 15 years in left ear.
I was trialing HA’s using thin soundtubes and Phonak Slimtips. My left ear could not adjust. In fact it got worst when i began using the Naidas with thin tubes after i ended a trial with the Neos micro.

When i was trialing the Naidas i would attach my old deep sitting earmold and # 13 tubes & ear hook to the Naidas and it improved much the reverberation under water like effects.

So it goes. :confused::frowning:
Thought i’d add my experience.