Phonak Audeo Yes Hearing Aid Review

Speaking for myself… any time I try something new and radical it generally takes me a while to actually decide if I like it or hate it. For instance… when I had cataract surgery a while back on one of my eyes. I opted to try mono-vision (one eye would have perfect 20/20… the other eye crappy nearsightedness. ) They told me it would take 2-3 weeks to adapt… It actually took 5 MONTHS but now I love it. Knowing how I am slow accept change I have waited a full 2 months after getting my Phonak Audeo Yes Hearing Aids to write this report.

First of all a basic background… I’m 54 . My hearing is pretty much total crap after A. 25 years working 12 hour shifts in a printing plant with heavy machinery WITHOUT ear plugs. B. 30 years riding motorcycles WITHOUT ear plugs. C. 20 years attending rock concerts WITHOUT ear plugs. D. 2 years as a roadie for a rock band WITHOUT ear plugs. The perfect storm of stupidity.

I didn’t realize how bad my hearing really was until my family (including both my current and an ex wife) loved me enough to have an intervention with me… They sat me down and insisted I needed to do something about the problem as I was missing most of what they were saying. In reality, I knew my hearing was bad as I’m constantly saying… “huh”… or “could you repeat that” but I didn’t realize my inability to hear was affecting others. I miss about 50-60% of the dialog in movies …it’s frustrating talking on the phone … and have to read lips when I’m in face-to-face conversations. I also use headphones any time I watch TV… I also knew that for the cost of hearing aids I could travel to Europe or dive the Caribbean for a week or 2 or 3 so what to do?

When I realized how seriously frustrated my wife had become and I knew our long term happiness was in jeopardy, I sucked it up and sold my track bike and purchased (2) Phonak Audeo Yes Hearing Aids, but not before a lot of anal research and conversations with many people who wear them. Total cost was about $4600, I think and that included a $500 optional remote control which I could try for 2 weeks. If I didn’t like or need it… They would refund $500.Fair enough.The remote would allow me to change programs for phone conversations, parties (to filter out back ground noise), and concert halls. The little exorbitantly priced gadget would also allow me to change the volume on the left or right side, mute, etc etc… I thought for sure I’d use the hell out of it.

My audiologist actually suggested the Audeo Yes before I had even mentioned that’s what I had decided on. A good sign. I reluctantly paid 1/2 down and she ordered them. I admit… in my mind this was pretty much a waste of money and I’d have rather spent the money on track days or vacation, but … I love my wife. …A week later they arrived, the audiologist programmed them with my hearing loss stats and put them in.

In a word… the difference (for me) was night and day. KInda like walking around with foam earplugs in my ears and then suddenly removing them after 35 years. Having lost the hi-end of the spectrum years ago it was almost an assault on my senses hearing the seat belt bell in my car, the microwave beeper, the timer on the washing machine, the sound of walking on leaves in the yard… or peeing which seemed LOUD. My first test when I got home was conversing with my wife. For the first few weeks I was constantly asking her NOT to talk so loud. She had grown so accustomed to practically yelling at me that it was a major change for her, too. Even after 2 months I’m still asking her to tone down the volume. It’s kinda a running joke with us now. My second test was to go to a couple of movies. As I said previously, I’d miss out on 1/2 the dialog in any film. With the Phonak Audeo Yes in place … I am now catching abut 90% of the dialog. Wonderful.

Another plus… I have been diagnosed with M�ni�re’s Disease… that constant ringing… When wearing the hearing aids I was almost totally unaware of the ringing. If you have this ringing… you know how big a deal this is.

My hearing aids were not quite comfortable at first as the thin stem that goes from the unit to my ear canal was one size too small but once we changed that out for a size larger, (took all of 5 minutes) I hardly noticed that I was wearing them… even with a ball cap. I also wear sunglasses 100% of the time if I’m out doors and the hearing aids were not even a problem then. As a matter of fact… they are so unobtrusive when I’m wearing them that twice I have gotten in the shower forgetting that they are in. Yikes!! I do remove them when I’m wearing a helmet or toboggan-type cap as both make the hearing aids hurt my ears due to the pressure.

Getting back to the $500 remote… I used it quite a bit for a week, but then quickly realized that it was unnecessary. It has a “gee-wizz” factor for about a week and then you put it in a drawer and forget about it. On the standard program setting I could hear everything just fine … Didn’t need to change to a different channel or use the volume control. The MUTE button was nice but not worth $500 so I returned the unit after the 2 week trail and haven’t missed it for a single minute.

I will add that during my initial trail period, a newer version Phonak Audeo Yes came out and my audiologist offered them at the same price. She ordered a pair and let me try them for 2 weeks. According to the literature, the stats were the same with the ONLY physical difference being a button on each unit so you could both mute them by pressing the button or with a double click… turn them off. I tried them and HATED them. The buttons worked perfectly but the new version produced a constant popping/abrasive noise that was both noticeable and annoying to me or to anyone within ear shot. Even my wife asked me to get rid of them. Both my audiologist and I agreed it was a design flaw so I returned them and got my others back. Could I have gotten a bad pair or was it indeed a design issue? No idea.

Are hearing aids worth the $4000+dollars? IMHO… Absolutely…What price can you put on a long term loving relationship? My wife is now happy. I can actually hear our parrots talking to me. I can watch TV without head phones. Is my hearing as good as it was when I was young? Hardly… While the Phonak Audeo Yes did restore a lot of the lost frequencies, my hearing has been so damaged due to the self imposed abuse that I still have problems with word recognition and that will never improve… at least with todays technology. For now I can easily say my hearing is 70% better than pre-hearing aids. I hope this review helps someone out there decide to make the move. I’m 100% glad I did.

If anyone has further questions … please feel free to email me direct at

Nice write-up, thanks for sharing.

In the early '60’s (not that long ago to some of us) Going to an ENT to ask about ‘our’ hearing loss - Grandmother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Son, Another Son - all had hearing loss. Why - Dr. replied “coincidence”.

It’s nice to read positive experience’s from a user’s perspective. I like the colour you chose as well.

Thanks for taking the time to put down your thoughts. I type with two fingers, your post would have taken me at least an hour to do.

We have very similar situations concerning hearing and hearing aids. Your post is right on with so many things.

Thanks again.

Welcome to the Audeo YES fan club :smiley:

Mr. Finley,

I’m very happy for you and your wife. Glad to know this purchase will change your life forever. I’m also looking to purchase these as well. Quick question though…when you said the audiologist ordered a newer version than the one you had, were they by any chance called the “Audeo Smarts” instead of the “Yes”?

Also do you have the Yes 5 or 9?

Ditto on my great experiences with my Audeo Yes IX’s.

Judging by the pictures, he has the YES, not the Smart. There is no control button on the shell, which would be on the Smart version.

Yes that makes sense thanks for pointing that out. I guess my question is: What are the major differences between the Yes IX’s and the Smart IX’s. Is it just the fact you have a button on the Smarts now so you don’t need a MyPilot?

That is one difference, but for client who perspire the Smart seems to tollerate much more than the YES due to it’s new imprved microphone cover. The Smart also has DuoPhone whihc they YES does not have and has a much better battery door than the YES. The Smart is also smaller than the YES. I haven’t seen the issue the original poster mentioned on the Smarts so it must have been a bad batch or early fitting software, as I received my software with a patch.

When you say “DuoPhone” what exactly does this do? I’m assuming when you place a phone over one hearing aid, you can actually hear the phone in both ears correct?

With that being said, does this mean I can do without a bluetooth iCom and just use my cell phone regularly over one ear? Also at work, I wear a headset on one side since I work on the phones a lot. Can I just place the headset over one of the hearing aids as well without any feedback problems?

Your assessment of duophone is correct. The Audeo Smart does not have telecoil, so the iCom still seems to work better than duoPhone as DuoPhone tends to pick up lots of ambient noise. You might with the help of your aud get the duophone setting adjusted so you could use your headset. You’ll have to take the headset with you to see if feedback is an issue. It might require a bit of trial and error, but could just work.

In about an hour my new Phonak Yes V’s will be installed and I’ll be able to give a response but for the moment you have made some of my new aid concerns lighten up.

Having worn aids for many years and gone through what seems like a new pair every two years hearing aids have averaged more than a hundred bucks a month for what is essentially minor improvements that do not allow me to understand either TV or soft spoken people and my wife is one of those soft speakers. So…we’ll see.

I hope you are using a reputable installer :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear how you find these aids.

I think what you meant to say was the Yes do not have DuoPhone. If I’m correct, the Smarts do have DuoPhone I think.

How do I go about making my work phone Bluetooth Capable? First I’m going to have to get approval from my Human Resources department to see if they can pay for the unit. It’s an Avaya 4622SW IP phone. Then I think I will have to use the iCom to connect if we find a bluetooth solution.

Man I really hope Phonak come out with a much better bluetooth solution than the iCom. One that looks sexy like the Siemens TEK and that has many different features and functions and doesn’t require a loop around your neck. I already wear a nice necklace, I don’t need another one. :smiley:

I am a tad reluctant to fit the SMART or Mini … the new receiver cable design is in my opinion not wonderful.

Is the receiver cable design on the Smart different than the YES?

You will have no choice before long as they are bringing out receivers soon that can use adaptors to make it work on Smart, YES and Unitron Moxi (that’s what the rep told me).

I only had one receiver failure in about 30 aids so far, so no more than normal.

The Smarts do have duo phone but do not have telecoil. DUoPhone+Telecoil is you best option as DuoPhone+acoustic phone can be noisy.

THe Jabra Phone adaptor might work as it plugs in betweeen the phone body and the receiver, can’t say for sure though.

We will have to see what the second gen of Wireless hearing aids do as Tek also has issues.

Honestly… I didn’t ask… I was under the impression that the second set I tried was a newer version YES… The only control buton on it was for mute and off. They looked EXACTLY the same except for the tiny buttton on the top of each unit. I do NOT think she would have sprung another hearing aid on me without asking… She “inferred” that the second kit was meant to be a line replacement for 2010. Whatever it was… I hated it…

as for 5 or 9?? I have no idea… how do you tell? The info that came with them do not designate a number nor can I see any numbers on the aids themselves…

Any other questions… let me know… My direct email is