Phonak Audeo vs Starkey Wi

I am having the opportunity the try the Skykey Wi Series and the Phonak Audeo S Smart IX. I’m using the SurfLink Media and Surflink Remote with the Starkeys and the iCom TV and remote with the Phonaks. The Phonak iCom is great for TV. I can hear music well and voices are very clear. I no longer need CC with the iCom TV. The Starkey Surflink is not so good. It’s better than without my HA’s but I still need CC to get a clear understanding of voices. The iCom technology is different and I can hear the TV in some of my other rooms, so the sound is not impeded by walls and the HA’s don’t have to be line-of-site with the transmitter. The Starkey is good at line-of-site but does not work when obstacles are in between the transmitter and HA’s. Starkey doesn’t need a neckloop but I don’t find that wearing the neckloop a big problem.

I am having a problem with the iCom and my cell phone. I have difficulty connecting a call even though I’m paired and voice quality is poor in my HA’s. I think this can be corrected with by the Audi.

Has anyone had similar experience with the Skykey Wi or Phonak iCom (Audeo S Series)?

I have the Phonak Audeo S IX and after I left the office from my initial fitting I was very disappointed with the sound quality. Especially after hearing so many good reviews. It ended up being that they were not set up properly. I went back the next day when the Phonak rep was there and she tweaked them. 1000 times better. The sound is still a bit tinny but you can’t compare the quality with what I was used to on my Motorola Bluetooth headset (non HA).

I went back again after a few weeks and had them up the base. Much better now, but still not what you will get from a good quality pair of ear buds.

As for your phone not connecting, what cell phone are you using? I also read some posts about checking the firmware on the iCom and making sure it is up to date.

I use the iPhone 3G (waiting for the 5 to come out hopefully in July). It worked decent and much better after I installed the latest operating system on the phone.

I’m two weeks in as well and I love them. No problems with pairing to my iPhone 4 or the TVlink. The sound is Tiny. I had no idea that the audi could up the bass. Is this true? I would love that.

I moved up the bass boost through my audi. It worked wonders for me. Doesn’t hurt to try it. I think the bass boost function makes the sound seem less tinny. I also notice the car sounds on the road seem a bit worst so its a trade off. You might also have a different program for the IPhone than what your normal default program is.