Phonak Audeo T-coil question/loop options?

I have a pair of Phonak Audeo Q 90 aids without t-coil.
I did not know anything about hearing aids, let alone t-coil when I got these, but now I regret that i did not include t-coil. What actually prompted me to get the hearing aids in the first place was serious trouble hearing people in a particular conference venue that I go to n a regular basis - poor acoustics, high ceilings etc… Obviously my hearing aids do not help me much in that place, so that was a bit of a let down. I am happy for them in many other situation, though. Now the place has been looped and I really need to be able to take advantage of that. Is there any way, through the Compilot for example, that I can get access to the loop short of buying new aids with t-coil?
I will get new aids if that is necessary, but before I go down that route, i want to know if there are any other less expensive options.

Ask your audi to contact their sales rep and explain the new situation. They can authorize a return of your Audéo Q90 and exchange it for a 312T model which has the t-coil.

Thanks. I will try that!