Phonak Audeo speakers

If this is important - Phonak Audo V50-31T. My hearing specialist mentioned I could exchange my ‘regular’ microphones for larger ones at no cost if mine aren’t damaged. He made a point that they would feel different.

The question being if you’ve had your Audio (or?) speakers changed to larger ones, (a) are they overly obtrusive? (b) what do you feel are the benefits - if any - of getting the larger speakers?


Your Audiologist should choose the size of the receiver(speaker) which best suits your level of hearing loss. It isn’t really a matter of individual choice. Sometimes there is a bit of an overlap between the ranges but your audiologist should still be your best guide as to which one you should use. The size of any dome used should be the one that best fits your ear canal.

This also requires a ‘ground-up’ level of programming as they need to be re-programmed from scratch - any tweaks are likely to be lost.