Phonak Audeo SMART

Hey everyone, it’s been about 3-4 months since I have been back on this site. Last time I was here, most of the talk in the Phonak area was on the Audeo Yes V and IX. I was seriously considering getting the IX’s.

Now that I just checked Phonak’s website, I see they have what’s called the SMART. I’m assuming that this is their newest product and more advanced than the Audeo Yes V and IX’s. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I want the latest and greatest so if those are them, then I will start to research them just as I did with the Yes. I’m wondering what are the major differences between the two types of HA’s.

  1. My next question is Bluetooth Technology. I’m sure you can have your hearing aids connect to your cell phone wirelessly via bluetooth to conduct phone calls as well as listen to music. My question is: Can I have the volume customized to where I am listening to my phone mostly in my right HA and the other HA is listening to what’s going on around me rather than the phone? (This way I can avoid having to buy seperate bluetooth headsets for my phone and having to remove one of my HA’s.):slight_smile:

One thing I dont like about the Phonak bluetooth using the I-Com is the fact that you can’t turn off the hearing aid microphones while in bluetooth mode. I wanted to listen to the TV using the bluetooth dongle but it sounded awful because of echo caused by the hearing aid microphones. If you want the microphones turned off you’ll have to use the audio cable which is really archaic. I hope they make a software change so that you can have the option of turning off the H.A. mics. I have to have the mics off to reduce background noise. It’s useless without it.

you can’t turn off the hearing aid microphones while in bluetooth mode.

Err - you can.

you mean the dispenser can.

OK, OK, we EVIL dispensers in cahoots with the EVIL manufacturers can.

How do I educate my dispenser on how to block the hearing aid mic while in bluetooth mode?

The Audeo SMART is the same insturment is a smaller package with a feature called DuoPhone added whihc allows you to hear the phone in both ears at once when holding a phone up to one ear. It also now includes a program button so the remote becomes less of a neccesity.

  1. I am not sure about this as I need the sotware in front of me to check. You can have the mic levels altered to give more background noise or less, but I need to check when I am back at work if it can be done on each aid or only binaurally. Maybe EnglishDispenser knows?

Do you know if the Power CRT Receiver and the Standard CRT Receiver are the same size?

Power units are a lot larger - see the first 2 photos at my website:

I pick up my Audeo Smart IX pair tomorrow. :slight_smile: My understanding is that the only real difference is the size, Duophone (nice) and a volume control/program button (really nice). Looking forward to trying these, as I have been trying the Yes with power receivers for the past three weeks and they are quite good. Did not like the inability to control volume without MyPilot($400) so this would be a blessing.

250-80 250-65
500-95 500-65
1000-90 1000-65
2000-80 2000-75
4000-75 4000-70
8000-90 8000-65

5%-105Db 60%-@95Db

It amazes me that some here with similar audiograms are using the Audeo Yes/Smart with success. I was fitted with the Yes and canal receivers but never got out of the office because they were maxed out, could not get volume.

Currently i am demoing the Nios Micro with micro-tubes and SlimTip custom earpieces with success.

But looking at the fitting ranges and the Acoustic/Pressure output among the two HA’s, they are somewhat similar. So why was i maxing out the YES? We went over the software looking for a cause but decided to end it there until the Audi can get more info.
Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a lot of gain unused on these Nios Micro HA’s.

I am tired of large tubes and ear molds. Phonak needs to offer a power discreet option. My Audi says the Naida SP can be made to use a micro tube with custom slimtip molds, but he does not recommend it because of the size of the instrument plus the nature of the tube coupling.

Can anyone comment?

If I did not have the power receivers, rather than the standard, I would not be able to get enough gain either. Which receiver did you try?

I was not aware that there were multiple canal receivers. Perhaps this is why. Remembering a link posted by Englishdispenser there were two different canal receivers?

Curious about what type of custom earmolds are you using.

For the moment with the Yes, I have been using the power dome, which has worked fine, but I shall have to see which aids(Smart) I am getting the most benefit from before I have a custom shell or slim tip made. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the beginning of my SMART trial.

Please let us know what you think of these as they are brand new. I am sure you’ll be pleased though!

I ordered a pair of SMART IX’s today. My Audi is not too familiar with the Audeo line, but other Phonak Aids, so I think she’ll be OK with programming them. She wasn’t sure if I’d need the Power Receiver or not. What do you guys think?

From the user audiograms posted, i’d say Power… but is there a cost difference?

No cost difference…

I input your loss into the software for the smart. It literally took about 3 minutes.
A popup window appears and recommends changing to power receivers. Even with the change when you look at the out put screens in fitting /manual you can notice that you are still pretty close to the hearing aid limit, from 2000-4000. Gain wise the targets have 5-7 db to spare,
When you look at the output screen the mpo target is barely beyond the hearing aid limit.
It seems a crapy state of affairs when dispensers don’t do just the rudimentary investigation as far as what aid setup is appropriate.
On the flip side some portion of the time it might be hoh demanding open/ric/vanity setups, so what is most appropriate isn’t the point.

I am confused as to whom you were referring to with your post. Whose audiogram did you evaluate?