Phonak Audeo Smart V - Love 'Em

I purchased my first hearing aids in July, 2007 and they were the Oticon Deltas. I tolerated them but after the first year, I really started to hate them. I didn’t like the sound quality and lack of connectivity.

I was lucky enough to purchase a pair of Phonak Audeo Smart V this week thanks to a trade in program and my blue cross benefits. I LOVE them! Not only are they so much more natural sounding than the deltas, but I love the icom and mypilot. They are also so comfortable to wear. I have the icom connected to my cell phone and I’m tinkering to get it working with my computer.

Does anybody else have any experience with these hearing aids? I can’t beleive I suffered for 3 long years with the oticon deltas.

I am three weeks into my Smart IIIs and there have been great. The buttons have been diabled because the Audi wants my brain to get used to the new sounds before doing any fine adjustments. I have an appointment next week and we will either program the buttons to be volume or programs. I still would like to have the option of volume but my thoughts are to have one of the programs set for higher volume and turn off the sound recover feature.

It seems that the left side will “float” in ans out at times depending on background sounds. When I first turn them on, I get more of the “lispy” sound from my voice and around five seconds later, they automatically adjust and the “lispy” nature is gone. It almost seems that I can hear voices better when it is in that “higher” setting?? Not sure how to explain this to the Audi.

The way I heard higher pitch sounds with Sound Recover on was very unrealistic. I had the feature turned off.

I got my Audeo Smart Vs about 5 weeks ago, and LOVE mine, too! The iCom is wonderful with it’s stero sound! I find I’m using the Pilot less and less, but this is normal according to my Audi, as the automatic adjusting features have kicked in. I only use it to switch programs, and love the way music sounds in the music program. The only minor problem I’ve had is if I put them in after showering without cleaning and drying my ears with a swab. The goop seems to plug up the wax trap. But, I now know this, and it is preventable.

One other thing to note is that my iCom ran out of juice after about 5 straight hours of use yesterday when in a long conference call for work, but then again, so did the Blackberry cell phone I was using!

All in all, I’m VERY satisfied, and realize a big difference now being able to understand people when I don’t have them on, or have accidentally left them in mute mode.

The sound recover feature is beneficial to most users. It can be adjusted more or less active if necessary to make it more tolerable instead of simply being turned off/on. If you have had it turned off I would recommended asking if you could have a separate program with sound recover on but less active than the manufacturers recommendation for your hearing loss so you can evaluate the differences. It may have been trying to do too much for you with the initial settings. As with everything hearing aid related there is always an adaptation period in which your brain becomes more adapted to the signals it is receiving. Due to this even things that are beneficial take time to get used to. The report of hearing aids sounding lispy when first put in and then sounding better may actually be more related to the wearer becoming adjusted than the hearing aid adjusting. I find myself (I have no significant hearing loss however) that if I trial hearing aids they sound very abnormal for the first 1-2 hours and then begin to sound much more natural, I know this is my brain adapting to the stimulus.

Canadian Hearing Instrument Fitter.

How much does the Icom cost? Is it included in the aids price?

The iCom is about $300, but worth every penny if you ask me! It is great for cell phone usage, as well as listening to my MP3 player, although listening to the MP3 player uses up the hearing aid batteries a little faster.

Your loss is not that bad in high frequencies. You should benifit from the aids without sound recover feature.

How do you rate these aids ?

Do you know the list of phones the Icom works with ?

There’s a list on this link.

I just got home from the Dr’s office where I ordered Audeo Smart V through I was quite nervious in purchasing over the internet but the Dr. said that he deals with this company/web site all of the time. As for the Icom item. I ordered one of these with my hearing aids and was quoted the price fo $499 after the hearing aid purchase. Since I order the Icom with my hearing aids I was able to get the Icom for just an exrta $102. So I think I got a good deal on the Icom.
I don’t know anything about the Audeo SMART V’s that I bought, which is what brought me to this blog. I should be able to pick up my hearing aids in about a week, which I am looking forward too as well as my family I am sure. I don’t know what to expect so this site has been real helpful to me so far. THANKS ALL

I have had mine for about 8 months now. Played around with different settings and volume levels. I found that overall the best for me was to leave the V’s in auto mode and have my main listening level set at about the 3rd level in the volume control range. The small buttons are now the volume controls and not to select throught the four different programmable options. When I need extra volume I just reach up and click the button to increase.
I opted not to get the volume control because I would end up losing it or forget to bring it with me. Plus I don’t need to change the volume much at all. I absolutely love the HAs now that I have them “tuned in” to my liking. I still have a hard time in Church with all of the “echo” sound from the audio system. Big church, high ceilings, hard walls.

You are not a candidate for soundrecover

I’ve had my Audéo SMART Vs since before Christmas, and they have made such a difference in my life. A warbling quality, when people were speaking, had to be tweaked. And adding a music setting greatly enhanced my listening experience.

The TVLink came with the aids; the only time I use it is when I want to watch something on TV that hubby doesn’t, so I turn the volume down on the TV and listen through my aids. Wonderful! It doesn’t work so well when the TV’s sound is turned on; there seems to be a slight delay in the streaming, so that I get an echo effect. And if we have our stereo system turned on, we hear a humming sound. But the aids are so good that really, I don’t need the TVLink.