Phonak Audeo Smart S III or V?

Well, it looks like I will give one or both of these a try. I know there is a difference in channels and some other features, but what I’m curious about is the number of programs. I think the III has two (quiet, and speech in noise) and the V adds “comfort”.

If someone could help me with the advantages of “comfort”, I would appreciate it.

The V also has windblock and zoom control. Don’t you need to purchase an icom in order to take advantage of zoom control?


The Smart S V is 16 channel processing vs 6 channel of the III so has better non-speech reduction. It also adds volume learning and flexVolume as well as SoundRelax that deals effectively with sudden impact noises such as a door slamming. It is also significantly better in background noise as it has 12 channel multi-channel adaptive directionality compared to the III’s single channel adaptive microphone. All this as well as a comfort in noise setting, where the gain is reduced so noise only situations such as public or own transport are more comfortable. ZoomControl can be activated either through the program button on the aid (where one direction is programmed in or direct touch where it Zooms to the side of the button you pressed) or can be activated through a remote such as the myPilot where you can pick the direction of Zoom. WindBlock is great if you spend much time outdoors.

My audiogram:

250 = 10R, 10L; 500 = 20R, 10L; 1000 = 20R, 25L; 2000 = 30R, 40L; 3000 = 45R, 50L; 4000 = 60R, 50L; 6000 = 75R, 75L; 8000 = 85R, 85L

SRT = 20R, 20L; Discrim = 100R, 96L; MCL = 60R, 65L

Do you think the V is really necessary? Thanks.