Phonak Audeo Smart IX Volume Settings

I have my HA configured to use the button for volume control, i.e., not program changes.

  1. What’s the HA set to (low, high, setting before power shutdown) after it’s turned back on after being shutdown, e.g., for the night?

  2. What happens when I reach max or min volume settings? Does it, e.g., go from highest volume back to lowest volume or stop at the highest value with a warning tone? How do I know when I transition from high to low or reach max or min?

  1. My HIs are set to Automatic midrange on volume. The audiologist can set the default to pretty much whatever you want volume and program wise.

  2. I hear a double tone at maximum and minimum volume and a slighty louder tone at midlevel when adjusting my HIs. If I continue to try to adjust at either limit, I only hear the double tone with no further adjustment in volume.

Very helpful. Thanks.