Phonak Audeo Smart IX - static in ZOOM modes

Nearing the end of my trial period with the Phonak Audeo Smart IX with MyPilot, Icom & TVlink. So far like them pretty well other than the $6025.oo price. A few weeks ago my audio installed the first programs other than automatic: StereoZoom & ZoomControl. As soon as she did this I had a bad sparkly static in the left ear when in StereoZoom & ZoomControl. She could even hear it while still in my ear. You could move the HA a short distance from my head and it would stop, then put it back close it would start again. Phonak decided it was a corupt file. She went thru a whole new setup…still the same. Went back today after she orderd in a complete new aid for the left…all is still the same if not worse. Going back Tuesday to meet her with Phonak engineers.

Anyone else had a problem like this ?


I had a similar problem with mine. The static/blurry sound in the left ear while streaming audio via the ICOM started in the evenings on day 2 after I got the aids and got progressively worse until it was present in all modes 2 days later. The RIC portion was replaced - too sensitive to moisture and/or a bad connection.

Now on manual zoom and sometimes on autozoom and manual I still get an occasional “crackling” or “snap” but it’s so intermittent I don’t worry much about it. Again, I think it’s a moisture/humidity problem caused by going in and out of heavily air conditioned buildings and hot, high humidity outside.

My sparkly static starts as soon as you change the program and is constant non-stop. Not a moisture problem. Have never had them even damp.

Thanks for the thought though !

I’ve got my next appointment on Jul 5, I’ll ask about it. I’m guessing it’s a setting in something since not many people complain about it. However, it could be a fault in one of the HA’s that doesn’t manifest itself except when it’s trying to communicate to the other hearing aid which is what zoom will do. If you get something from your audi before then, I would like to hear what it is. I don’t hear the crackling very often, but it is irritating when I do hear it. I definitely notice it more in manual zoom than anywhere else.


I think eveyone would complain if they hear what I hear. The noise is at 100% volume and it is all I can do not to rip the “$#?@!)&^” off my head when I change to either program.

Seeing the audi & enginers this afternoon.

Will post the result.

Thanks !

Just got back from the audi.
Hooray…it all works now !!
The engineers found out that the right aid was bad, not the left.
Makes no sense to me because the bad audio was in the left but they replaced the right and all is great.



Good to hear. Maybe my audi can make some progress on mine. But then my TV Link volume went kaput day before yesterday. It’s on its way back to the factory.

Just got my Audeo 5 hearing aid with a CROS for my deaf ear. I occassionally hear crackling/static. If I take the hearing aid off and touch the reciever and tube and reinsert the HA the static stops. I suspect that the problem is with the tube and/or the reciever. Going to see the audi in about a week. She is not experienced with the Audeo or CROS. Phonak won’t answer my inquiries about the problem, but tells me to see my audi.

Yes Phonak will only troubleshoot with their account holders who are the audiologists/HIS’s.

Sounds like a receiver connection issue to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if switching out receivers fixes the problem.