Phonak Audeo Smart III need what?

Hi there,

i want to replace my (first) hearing aids i got in 2012. Those are Phonak Audeo Smart III.
The acoustician suggested a resound linx 3D 961, but they are quite expensive and are way more than my standard reimbursement rate ($3000). He pointed out that the linx 3d 561 would also work.
After comparing the specs i’m not so sure about that claim.
I’m a computer scientist and while most of the times in a quiet environment it’s essential for me to understand voice in meetings and conferences.

What do you think?

Not sure where you are or what flexibility there is in your insurance. Costco has the Resound Forte which is similar to the 3D 961. Price is in the $2600-$2800 range in the US. Ultimately you’re not going to know until you try them. I would think that the 561 combined with a Multimic would be pretty impressive in meetings (like around a table) Conferences in a conference hall sounds like a challenge with any hearing aid. Since you have normal low frequency hearing (like me), I think noise may continue to be a challenge no matter what.

Here’s the outcome

I tried

  • Resound Linx3d 9
  • Widex Beyond 440 F2
  • Oticon Opn1
  • Widex Beyond 330 F2 (my pick)

All were RICs with an open dome, except for the Oticon Opn1. The closed dome experience was so horrible, that I quit that test after 3 days. Hearing with my old Phonak Audeo Smarts with open dome was so much better compared to the Opn1/closed dome combination.

But(!), what a difference the current hardware makes! I never thought they were so much ahead of my 5 year old phonaks! Big improvement in every department.

Although the Lynx3d had a slightly superior surround experience, I went for the Widex, because they do Music and phone calls better than the resound (at least for me).

I would like to fine tune them myself. Could someone kindly outline very briefly what I’d need for this model? I’m a computer scientist with some hacking skills (left), I think I just need to be kick-started…


Do a search for PVC and click on his avatar. He’s got links to info on how to get started self programming.