Phonak Audeo S - SuperPower receiver photos?


I currently have the Phonak Audeo YES IX Power xReceivers with the dome.

I’m curious what the SuperPower receivers look like. I read in a previous thread that they are much larger when compared to even the Power receivers.

If anyone would be willing to share a photo of the SuperPower receivers, that would be wonderful.

I would have to upgrade my hearing aids as well as order the SP receivers in order to see what the SuperPower receivers would look like for myself.

My hearing aids use the CORE chip, and the SPICE was the first platform to support SuperPower receivers for the Phonak Audeo RIC instruments.

I’m just wondering if someone has a photo of the SuperPower receivers with the dome so I can make a comparison in size to my Power ones.

Thank you!

There will be a Quest platform upgrade for the Audeo line soon. I’d wait and see. Hopefully they’ll introduce the same or a similar superpower receiver as is available w/ the Naida S CRT, which is much smaller than what is available for the Audeo S. The current Audeo S superpower receiver consists of two XP receivers working in parallel.

Wow! A superpower receiver created by bundling two PowerReceivers together? That is interesting!!!

Yeah, I notice that the Naida S CRT has a Standard xReceiver, xPower Receiver, and then a “SuperPower plus xReceiver.” So, this is a unique and not “bundled” unit (as is the case with the Audeo S SuperPower receiver)?

But Naida is a power hearing aid so they would contain a superpower receiver. The audeo is not classed as a power hearing aid.

I believe features are the same within the audeo and Naida but the Naida has more power for further loss.

My understanding is that the Naida S CRT’s superpower plus receiver is of a different design. It certainly is physically smaller than SP receiver of the Audeo S. Hopefully it will be used with the Audeo Q.

I have the Audeo Smart V aids which I got three years ago. They are loud enough but the sound quality isn’t that great and the right aid always sounds tinny, even though I’ve had it adjusted numerous times. What can a power aid give me in terms of quality of sound? I always find that the MyPilot Speech in Noise doesn’t do that much about background noise which is disappointing as that is my greatest challenge. I have profound hearing loss in high frequency. I’m thinking of getting new aids and maybe checking out the Oticons. Any suggestions?

I am sorry to say but it seems like you have the wrong HA
Revcarlag i am sorry but you need Power HA and not Audeo V except if your loss was better then
Your understanding will be limited, this is the truth, in noisy situations, but it should be better with a NAIDA or a CHILLI or any other Power HA, that you have to TRY before you buy…

It’s been done for years to cancel out the ‘waggle’ caused by the mass of the receiver reed translating to the outside of the case. The back to back receiver design is actually bought in as a component in itself with common connecting pads etc.


A week ago, I received the X sp Rics (Audeo S - IX) – they are encased in a “cShell” mold, and when held up to a bright light, the Ric silhouette appears to be only slightly larger than the Sp Ric I had; and I don’t think the Ric consists of 2 sp’s wired in parallel. Also, it certainly looks nothing like any of the Knowles receivers shown in the “Um Bongo” link.
Phonak installed AOV vents in each mold to minimize occlusion. The molds are very comfortable and not especially noticeable.
It’s too early to have an opinion as to if they are an improvement. My audi will make further adjustments next week. But if your concern is size and appearance, not to worry. (Also, no difference in battery life)

google “Phonak Custom Tip Order Form” for a pix of the Phonak cShell’

Yes, I now realize that and I will this time. I’m going to try the Naida Q first. My audi sells both Phonak and Oticon.