Phonak Audeo S Smart iii with Phonak CROS


This is my first post in this forum. I have researched a lot for HA for my dad. He has profound hearing loss in right ear and some amount of loss in the left ear. The Audiologist in my area (Mississauga, ON) did the tests for my dad and suggested Phonak Audeo S Smart iii for the better ear and Phonak CROS for the other. He suggested that because he thinks that with the CROS, the head movement will go away as my dad can receive the message in the left ear from the transmitter in the CROS aid.
The total cost after the Ontario grant is $1,750.00 along with 10 cartons of batteries, 3 years warranty, 30 days trial period and any amount of follow up visits for adjusting the settings.
The audiologist did inform us that with the CROS ssytem, the usage of battery will be a lot higher than a regular HA; however he wasn’t sure how much it will be as it depends on the usage.
I just want to find out from others if this is the best deal along with experiences of using this HA.

There’s a new phonak CROS system that uses size 13 battery. Size 13 battery will last longer then the 312s batteries that most CROS system uses.

The reason why the size 13 batteries will last longer then the 312s. All to do with the size. It does also depend on the length of time the CROS system will be used.

Thanks Naida. I will check with the Audiologist. Anyways, I am getting 400 batteries free (or should I say it is already included in the price).

Viki, I would check your battery numbers… most times you get 10 packages of batteries which if they were a 4-pack means 40 batteries.

The average person, who uses their hearing aids for about 15-17 hours a day, consumes a size 312 battery in about 7-10 days. Your dad’s hearing aids will consume 2 batteries in that time. 10 packages of batteries (40 cells) will last about 5-6 months.

The Audi said that 1 carton will have 40 batteries. I did not ask which ones as I had no clue about battery types, but thanks for the information.
Any feedback on the price for the 2 HAs.

The price seems about right. Be aware that the CROS system does not have any funding through ADP. Only the hearing aid does.

That is correct. The Audi informed me that ADP does not cover CROS (don’t know why!!) and that I will have to pay in full. However, he did say that he is giving me the best prices that I can find anywhere in the market.
He also took the mold for my dad’s better ear and said that he will place a dome in the ear. He said that the Audeo III comes with a remote; however I have not seen what options are there on it to play with…

His price is fair considering you get a 3 year warranty. The only question i would ask is if there any charges for office visits after the trial period?

As for the remote… it is a basic remote for volume control and program changing. Most times it comes free with the hearing aids.

Thanks. The follow ups are free as well for at least 3 years. He said that he does not charge his customers for adjustments as that is when he actually makes those clients to like him…lol…and that is how he creates long lasting relationships and gets more business due to word of mouth.
I was really happy with the visit as I had visited another Audi before going to this one and the other Audi simply said that my dad needs 2 HAs that will cost around $3,000.00 and I will have to buy my own batteries. It felt like they were just after the money and did not know the basics of their profession.
This Audi told me that as my dad has profound hearing loss in one ear, putting a HA will not do much good and might be very expensive, as then, we might need to get Audeo v or ix.
All that being said, I am simply excited to know that my dad will be able to cherish all the talks we have as family and not be secluded to his own room due to hearing loss.

We have the appointment with the Audi today to put the HAs. I will provide updates on my dad’s hearing progress. Can’t wait for him to hear me whisper!!

Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

So my dad got the CROS along with the HA. He simply loves it. He is like a kid playing with his aids and trying to listen to everything…lol…
The good thing is that the TV volume has gone down drastically and we can all hear each other now even with the TV on.
The Audi was simply awesome, he did lots of tests after the aids were placed and programmed restaurant & mute setting. He gave us 80 batteries (312) for the time being and said that when we come back in 3 weeks, he will give us some more. In total, he will give us 400 batteries and as & when the rechargable batteries option comes in, he will give us that as well.
It felt so good that we could all talk normally and our dad could hear us rather than us coming close to his good ear or shouting for him to hear us.
The CROS is phenomenal as he does not have to do the head movement now and is able to hear everything, even the whisper…
I would recommend this Audi to anyone in the area as he was very patient and provided us with excellent service.

Glad he’s liking it so far! I really like mine too. It was wonderful being able to hear my partner whisper in my right ear for the first time!