Phonak Audeo Q90: tinny and mechanical and/or best speech recognition

I am going to trial Phonak Audeo Q90’s in a couple of weeks. From reading forum posts people have said either that Phonaks are head and shoulders better than anything else they have tried, or they say that they can’t stand how tinny and mechanical they sound.
My question is: For those who have tried Phonaks and settled on another brand, did you find that the speech-in-noise performance of the Phonaks was better than that of the brand you ended up with? Perhaps you settled for less speech-in-noise performance with the other brand in order to avoid the tinniness of the Phonaks.
Or did you find that the speech-in-noise performance of the other brand was better than the Phonaks, and the more natural sound of the other brand was an added plus? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I demoed the Audeo Q90’s for 3 days and took them out as I didn’t like them. I didn’t think the speech in noise was near as good as the Siemens Pure Micon 7mis, which I ended up buying. however…those are MY ears and my loss. Everyone is different and even my audi said that some people like the tinnier sound.

The 7mis also have a soundsmooth feature which cuts out those sharp sounds such as paper and heels clcking and ice cubes coming out of the frig…etc.

I have had Phonak Audeo Q90’s for a couple of months now. For me they are not mechanical sounding at all. I find them to be very natural sounding. Strangely though I don’t think the speech in noise understanding is all that good. Maybe this is just a combination of my hearing plus the way the aids are adjusted. I also demoed the Resound Verso series before getting the Phonaks but I got a much better deal pricewise on the Phonaks for virtuallly the same performance so I went with the Phonaks. On a few occasions I have tried using my previous hearing aids (Oticon Delta 8000’s) just to hear the difference in reverse. The old Oticons sound very mechanical and harsh now. I’d hate to have to go back to them.

I just completed a trial of a pair of the q90 and Verso 9. Didn’t even bother finishing the resound trial (and yes, I went back for adjustments). Speech recognition is hands down better with the Q90s. I picked them back up today, and boy did I miss them! Search for my post on Q90s vs. Verso 9s. sound quality and clarity is better on the Versos, but there were other things I didn’t like. However, natural sound does not go hand in hand with speech recognition, this may be especially true of the majority of your hearing loss is in the upper frequencies, as most are. The compilot around your neck really isn’t that bad… Sure it was neat to use an app on my iphone to control the Versos, and maybe they sound more natural, but a more natural sound doesn’t really relate to speech recognition, again, especially of your loss is high frequencies.

The Q90s do have a little bit of a mechanical sound, but I don’t think they are tinny. It almost can give a steady pitch an “overtone” sound, but speech recognition is noticeably better. Bluetooth audio sounds better, phone and music. Also, harsh noises, well - aren’t! Clicking and clacking of keys on a key fob, water in a kitchen sink, dishes, etc. were all much more uncomfortable on the resound verso 9s. Maybe it was adjustments that could have been made, but I found that if I had them up where they needed to be for speech, if one of those sounds were to occur, it was much harsher on the Versos.

P.s. As I type this, I am laying in bed with them on and listening to Pandora softly streaming from my phone.

P.p.s. Consider posting your audiogram in your signature…

ive had mine for about a month now and yes, running water and plastic bottle crumbling has a tinny sound, and loud, but all and all i couldnt think of being without them. i can hear all the highs and now can actually hear the dialog on tv movies and programs.

My 60+ years of wearing aids has taught me one thing for sure; it takes time for the brain to get used to using any single brand. The Phonak sounds tinny out of the box but was better in speech discrimination after the learning curve for me. Now the Phonak sounds very “normal” to me.