Phonak Audeo Q-312 vs Q312T, size matters

I’m looking at the Phonak Audeo Q-312T (similar to Costco Phonak Brio) for my wife. She likes the very narrow size.

We want to know if the Phonak Audeo Q-312 is thicker/wider than the very narrow Phonak Audeo Q-312T and we don’t have both models for comparison purposes. Not much room up there with glasses so we are worried about any extra thickness. Here’s a picture for reference…

Sorry, the picture got lost.

I wear the Phonak Brio 312 which ooks identical to the Phonak Audeo Q 312. I wear glasses with no problem and no discomfort. I am a guy with short hair & I think that they “disappear” behind the ear with no pressure on the ear. Hope this helps.

Oh, I didn’t realize Costco had both of these models. I thought Costco only had the 312T, the one on the right in that picture.

You’re saying you are wearing the Costco Phonak Brio 312, the one on the left in that picture, correct? Then all I need to do is compare the two at Costco.

Aside from shape, what’s the difference between these two?

Telecoil >> Product information Phonak Audéo Q <<. Now can we get back to the size question?

To answer your question, I just removed it from my ear and it is identical to the photo on the left; the Phonak Audeo Q-312. They have no tinitis compensation and for me they are comfortable with my glasses and work well for my hearing.

Thanks jtd. We will stop by Costco next week and put one atop her ear.

We stopped at Costco to have a look. Yep, same width/thickness.

Sorry to bring this old thread back up, if the width is the same then what about the height and length? are those pictures to correct size? is the telecoil version noticeably bigger?

They are both small. Go to Costco and look in the display case.

I am actually in the UK, only a single store here and it is way too far, not even sure if they display them over here, i think i will just stick with the pictures and judge by them.

I think the two pictures (relative to each other) is a good way to judge. My wife wore both models and found them to be about the same size. Or at least the telecoil model was not noticeably larger for her.