Phonak Audéo Paradise P50 vs. Oticon Opn S 3

hi I’m from Turkey.
I am a teacher.
i am 40 years old. i have double-sided 47 and 52 loss. more subtle sounds.ticon opn s3, phonak audio paradise p50 i tried. you think which device should i buy.

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Either are fine aids that would be good in quiet situations–not so much in noisy situations. Don’t know what your teaching situation is like or if there’s any possibility the school could provide additional equipment like Roger microphones. If so, the Phonak Paradise would have an advantage as it could link directly to the microphones.

Post purchase you might find that a knowledgeable person to tweak the software is crucial. So I am usually keen to discover what (one brand or another) the fitter is good at. That is the element that might be most important over the life of the hearing aids.

Hello gazipaşa :slight_smile: I am 32 years old and living in İstanbul as well. I tried almost all Oticon and Phonak high-end products. P50 is better than Opn S3 but if you can upgrade them to P70 or Opn S2 they’ll make your life a lot easier.

If you need to have good prices, I can redirect you to the Hearing Aids provider that i have bought mine. Good people and provided the best prices.


Could you share your e-mail address. I will be glad if you help me with the places where I can buy it at an affordable price

Language of this forum is English, please don’t reply in Turkish so other people could also understand what we are talking about.

I just send a DM to you in Turkish. We can talk there in private so we won’t disturb anyone.

Check your message inbox please.


I am from Turkey and I need advice :slight_smile: Which brand should I buy and where in Turkey? I visited many audiometrists in Istanbul, I couldn’t trust any of them.

Welcome to the forum.

The best way to get hearing aids is for you to learn as much as you can about your hearing loss and hearing aids. You as a knowledgeable buyer is your best chance of getting what’s best for you.

Reading this forum should do just that if you put in a little time.

Good luck.

Hello there, i am also from anatolian side of İstanbul. I can reditect you to my audi or supplier if you want. I am pretty happy to work with them.

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It will be great! Please share your audi and supplier…