Phonak Audeo or wait for the new Exelia?

Is anyone wearing the Phonak Aueo? If so what do you think and would you, after having the audeo want the newer exelia or would you say not much difference. Of course, this is all based on what we can read about the Exelia, since as of yet, I believe they are not availible in the micro open fit bte version. Just the larger. But none the less, if you have any style of the Exelia, I’d LOVE you input. I guess especial for both regarding noise reduction, large crowds, following conversation…etc

i would think exelia would be superior instrument…

if you are willing to pay top dollars wait a bit

Thanks for the input. As originally asked, do you current wear a Phonak Audeo or at least have experience with one of their most current digital aid, in order to give a more fair or accurate answer or comparison?

Money is no issue when it comes to hearing.

i dispense hearing aids, technically Exelia is better… But the only thing that bothers me is that it uses a special battery - perhaps this is why I would prefer a Oticon Epoq or a Siemens Centra - No questions asked

Hi jeremytrent

I’m currently wearing a pair of Phonak microEleva aids. They use the same electronics and program as the Audeo V. I’ve been pretty happy with them. Performance in a quiet environment is excellent. This is where I spend the majority of my time (so says the log function in the aids), so that’s good. I think they help some in very noisy environments, at least it’s better than without them. The one downside, and it’s really pretty minor, is that when riding in a car, they can’t seem to make up their mind which program to be in. I can hear them switching back and forth between the noise only program and the speech in noise program. The noise only program increases noise filtering and reduces the overall gain of the instrument, so that most of the background noise just seems to go away. The problem is that I always have the radio on, and so I experience this sort of changing sound environment when I’m driving. I’m going to talk with my Audi about just turning off the noise only program. I’m not sure I see any value in in it for me personally.

So, bottom line is I like them, but they’re not perfect. Of course, what is? I’d say go with the Audeo IX. It has upgraded features and algorithms. Or better yet, try both, then decide.


I assumed that savia art was the next in line - why not go with that one?

Hi Jaw2000

My understanding is that the Savia Art and the Audeo IX are the same instrument, electronically. The only difference is the packaging (the Audeo IX looks much cooler :cool: ). My Audiologist clains the Audeo case gives a better positioning of the microphones than with the Savia. Probably nothing you could hear, but that was his comment. I suspect any of these three would be a good choice.


Thanks, I had no idea, I only know the savia art as that was what I was going to try before getting the Naida’s that I have (and need).

Yes, Audeo IX is similar to Savia Art, and Audeo V is similar to Eleva.

i would advise to get an exelia, if the money is not tight…