Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R After One Year

You will be very happy with your new molds. I’ve had mine for the past 5 months and the difference is quite striking! Yes, let us know how you do with them.

Audeó Marvel M90-R user

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Hi TraderGary,
did you and Kate have your Phonak hearing aids completely fitted on December 26, 2018 the day in which you received the aids or you had more adjustments later?

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Hi Abe,
We first came in for hearing tests and ordered our Marvels about two weeks before Dec 26th. December 26th was the day we came in to actually have them fitted and that was the first day we actually went home with our new Marvels.

It should be pointed out that our audiologist was new to the Marvels and this was her first Marvel fitting.

We were back within a week for further adjustments and over the next few weeks we were back at least once a week for adjustments.

It was finally determined that in order for my piano to sound right and not have a cringing warbling effect that WhistleStop had to be turned OFF for the Music Program. Once that was done I was happy playing my piano using the Music Program.

It was also found that in order for streaming music to sound right that SoundRecover had to be turned OFF. After that change was made streaming music was superb.

We both had our audiograms and REM done again recently at the one year point. We are both quite pleased with how our Marvel M90-R’s are working. Now we’re looking forward to even better results with new molds. I’ll be reporting that after Jan 6th.

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Thanks for sharing your review. I was fitted with the same aids a few months after you and your sharing your experience has been very helpful. I have found the TV connector and the ability to stream bluetooth a huge benefit. Being able to understand what is being said on the TV or when listening to the radio…I simply did not appreciate how much dialog I simply was not hearing. My wife loves that she can now lower the volume on the TV to reasonable levels when we watch together although now she has learned that she needs to “pause” the TV if she wants to speak to me while something is on. My current pair is out for repairs as one of the LED’s had failed. My audiologist (Dr. Olson) set me up with a pair of loaners programmed to my loss before they were sent in since I’m a remote patient. My understanding is that there is a second firmware upgrade that needs to be done before they will be returned to me. My only complaint would be that the firmware upgrade (to my knowledge) can’t be done remotely and the somewhat high cost of the TV connector. It works so well I’d like to out them on multiple devices.

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I have had my M90-R since April with Domes at first, then got custom molds in October. This is my 3 set of HA’s, being now 9 year total with all domes, at 48 years old now, and boy the molded are night and day. If you are able, try molds.


The TV Connector is $99.99 at my local Costco’s hearing aids department.


After Kate and I both get our custom molds on the 6th, I’ll be doing an in-depth analysis and description. From what everyone says, we’re really looking forward to the experience!

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I just noticed that you said your audiologist was Dr. Olson. Is that Dr. Cliff Olson of YouTube fame?

I wanted to give this a go, turning off WhistleStop to see how music sounds.

I found out that I couldn’t turn off WhistleStop completely otherwise my left ear just feedbacks like crazy. Instead I’m trying it at number 5 instead.

I’m hoping music starts to sound a lot better now.

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I have Phonak Marvel M90-R’s and I use a separate “Music Program” when I’m playing my piano. When I’m sitting at my piano, WhistleStop being turned OFF isn’t a problem for just that program.

I too tried turning WhistleStop OFF for everything and it didn’t work at all. As soon as I got in my car the closeness caused immediate whistling that I couldn’t deal with. I immediately returned to have my audiologist turn WhistleStop back ON for everything but my “Music Program”.

Note: Since then I’ve started using the Phonak Target program at home so I can adjust some these things myself.

@TraderGary What molds are you getting? Silicone or acrylic?

Interesting question.
I didn’t know to ask and will find out on the 6th.
Does Phonak do both?
Which is better?

Lloyd’s Hearing Aids has a pretty good description of each mold and their best.purposes. I bet google would help.
What I remember is soft silicone molds are best for severe/profound losses.
It would be a good idea to check into the different type molds. There are many. Your loss will dictate the minimum mold and vent needed.

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Here is an article on ear mold materials. I think their basic conclusion is that the impression accuracy is more important than the material.


Yes. When I realized that I was going to need to get some assistance with my hearing my education on the topic began. In that process I came across Dr. Olson. I found his you tube video’s objective and informative. The down side was that the local audiologist I interviewed was unable to match his knowledge of the available products or his passion for what he does. After booking an appointment for a phone consult I realized that I was going to be challenged to find someone locally that was his equal. Just getting a clear answer from my local audiologist on what my out of pocket cost was going to be was a challenge for them to answer. I was not satisfied with the “don’t worrry we’ll bill your insurance and if your unhappy with the balance you owe you can return them” answer I got locally. If I had to, I would have paid out of pocket for the level of service I received in traveling to Dr. Olson. As it turned out he was an in Network provider for the insurance I had so I was able to utilize my insurance to offset some of the cost. His office was also very straightforward with their pricing and worked with my insurance company so that i knew exactly what my out of pocket cost was going to be. How much is this going to cost me does not seem like an unreasonable question to ask. We also had a few other reasons to visit that area and his being where we had some plans to travel anyway was a happy co-incidence. Even if i had no reason to travel to his area, I would do so to get treatment from someone who is so clearly passionate about what they do. While price was not the top consideration, the reality was we saved on our out of pocket cost compared to what I was quoted locally.(getting that information locally was like a wrestling match). We used the savings to offset part of our expenses in traveling there from NH. I’ve read a bunch of comments on his you-tube channels about people wishing he was located closer to their location and appreciate that traveling there is not an option for everyone, that said if you have the means- do it! I feel fortunate to have met him while he is still taking on new patients and building his practice. I should point out that we planned our trip so that we started in Phoenix with an appointment for initial fitting and finished our trip in Phoenix a week later for additional adjustments. All of my followup appointments have been via the remote software available with the aids.


Thanks for sharing this informative post.
Your home town experience is so much like mine and I bet many others.
Thanks again.

Hmmm–I believe he’s in Scottsdale, AZ–I’m in Tucson; maybe I should see if he’s in MY network. It was his video on the Phonak M90s that sold me on them. The Audi who fitted me for them has left the clinic. They have a Hearing Instrument Specialist now. I don’t know why the change–but I AM giving her a chance.

I also have an appt. scheduled with my ENT. I’m concerned about the hearing decrease + fluid in my right ear; in conjunction with some bouts of vertigo in the past few months.

Dr. Olson’s current office location is in Anthem. I saw recently on his Vlog that he has new office space in Phoenix and is in the process of building out the space to relocate his practice there in the spring.

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I have severe to profound hearing loss and currently use a pair of Resound Enzo High Power BTE hearing aids. Will Audeo marvel M90 work for me?

I see there is a UP receiver from their technical pages which can handle between 50 and 100 db hearing loss (fitting range). Does any one has any further information about this instrument. I know these are RIC aids, not BTE like my present ones.

I just posted about this in another thread but wanted to reply here as well. Thanks for this info. I got another TV connector from Costco over the weekend, set it up and its working great! As near as I can tell identical units with slightly different packaging.