Phonak Audéo M90-RT with Google Pixel shuts down for a few seconds

I have a Phonak Audeo M90 R/T which I use in conjunction with my Original Google Pixel and the MyPhonak App and Bluetooth. Recently, I noticed that on the Pixel, if the phone does anything like recharging or starting a video on its own, etc, that my hearing aids shutdown for a few seconds and then come back up. Recently, the app has been upgraded in May 2020. I believe that the problem is that the phone in its multi-tasking state doesn’t have enough chip power to handle the increased app demands as well, while the phone does its other tasks. I am wondering if it is time to get a new Pixel that has greater chipo capability. Does anyone else have this problem? Some of my other phone apps no longer work well since newer versions of Android have been released which my phone doesn’t get anymore. I haven’t been able to see my Audiologist because of the Covid-19 problem.

I have the same aids with a Samsung S9.
If I am surfing the net and a YouTube with sound comes up, the aids Bluetooth will pick this up automatically. Then, if I scroll past this YouTube the aids return to normal automatically.

Same with mine. iPhone 8 w/ Signia

Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R
Android Pixel 3 XL
The two work together without problems.

I didn’t upgrade to the Pixel 4 XL because I was quite happy with everything.
I will re-evaluate again when the 5 XL is released.

I’m a classical pianist and the sound of my concert grand is very important to me. Being able to stream my recorded music from PrimePhonic is also important to me.
I was going to try the new Widex, but they decided not to support Android so I’ll hold off until they do.

At first glance it sounds like HAs are switching between HA only and streaming from phone. Even if they’re connected they don’t (from what I’ve noticed) receive stream unless the stream is sent. And usually, streaming program has HA mics set up quieter than stream. However if stream is just some notification that has no sound, you’ll still be switched by HAs and they’re gonna be quieter or even muted if streaming program is set up that way.

Also, some sites have sounds, that activate stream, so even if you have media on phone on mute, it can trigger HA into streaming.

Of course, it might be something else, but it’s worth testing this issue first. Also, you can check in my phonak app which program is activated, to be sure.