Phonak Audeo M90-R VS Oticon OPN S

A long press does not activate the mute function on rechargeable models; it powers off the hearing aid.

Ah, yes, if it’s the rechargeable model OPN S R then indeed the long press will power off and not mute. The OP only said he has the OPN S, not the OPN S R, so that’s why the confusion.

Thanks for the clarification @rasmus_braun !

Actually, The default for the music program is WhistlleBlock Disabled. I did download Target 6.2 at the time in order to verify this.
My Audi set up the program ensuring all compression, feedback mgtmt., etc were disabled.
But I turned in the M90-R earlier this month, so, no longer an issue.

Yikes!! Yes they “R” the R’s

That’s interesting. With my Target I wasn’t able to get to the settings for my Marvels until I had actually loaded them into Target and of course that requires a NoahLink to do. When I did, there wasn’t a “default”, there were only the settings my audiologist had configured. Anyway you’ve already returned them so there’s no need for further discussion. From my experience there isn’t that much brand difference anyway. Enjoy your Oticons.

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I manually entered my audiogram, and model# of the aids, and was able to view the settings.
Of course, without the NoahLink, I couldn’t edit anything.
I just wanted the ablility to see the various screens.
Phonak Target seems much more detailed than Oticon Genie, as far as programming options go.

But what about the main Autosense program? Can Whistle Block be turned off in there?

I was told to try dialing back the noise reduction but that isn’t working. To be fair, there is less warble in the default music program but it is still there.

Yes, Whistle Block can be adjusted or turned off in any or all programs.

Noise Block has not been said to help eliminate the trill when certain notes are played on instruments. Whistle Block is the setting to adjust from what I can remember. Try searching the forum for Phonak Marvel trill or warble music. There was a lot of information about it. @uburoibob had some really good information about this trill.

AutoSense is not a program like what we talk about here on the forum. It is different. AutoSense listens to your surroundings and puts the aids in different programs based on your surroundings. AutoSense can be adjusted to be fast or slow selecting which program to be in. It is the controller of all the programs that are in automatic.

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Yes. However, programs under autosense can be adjusted the same was as manual version of those programs can be adjusted. That means you can have both speech in noise under automatic and manual speech in noise with completely different setup, if you’d like.

You cannot read HAs without connecting device, but you can see what are common defaults for some setup.

So, yes, you’re right, @flashb1024 has no way to CONFIRM which options are turned on or off on his HAs. He can just assume, based on assumption or knowledge what fitter/audi did exactly. Eg if assumption is that fitter didn’t touch anything, safe is to think defauls are there. And defaults can be checked by using target only.

At one point sometime last August, I believe, I’d posted links to recordings I’d made of the trill sound when I tested the Phonak Marvel 90s. Working with the fitter, it was turning off Whistle Stop completely that fixes the problem. Even at the lowest settings, it still trills. So, it must be completely shut off. Then, I tweaked the overall curve of the Music setting to make things a little smoother.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

do you find the Agil Oticon Pro is similar to OPN s.
I ask as I am uncertain of Phonak Marvel as the sound I am finding stressful and I am aware it takes time to adapt,but…
with all the bells and whistles with android-
I am not comfortable and popped my old Agil Pro in my ears(thou one has damage)- and sounds better to me than Phonak.
I love music and sound quality and voice is most important to me- even if i cannot access all blue tooth android,I crave the quality.

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I should add that I also had a my music setting saved as a MANUAL setting. I find that the Marvels (KS-9s, in particular) don’t do a great job a automatically determining music when they hear it. SO, a manual setting was a must for me. Pure tones, such as single notes of guitar, trumpet, etc, don’t often register as music - indeed, I think they register as feedback. So, first thing is to get a manual music setting that has as much turned off as you need to hear the music clearly.


That’s a good question, and from my experience of going to to OPN’s from AgilPro, I’d say the overall speech quality is very similar, but the difference in technological improvements is very apparent.
The OPN Velox chip is much advanced over previous generations.It is a completely different approach to speech in noise, especially.
As far as bluetooth streaming, the ConnectClip provides strreaming from Android devices, as well as PC’s, etc.
I find the OPN music program to be very accurate, as well.
If looking at going back to Oticon from Phonak, you should be looking at the OPN S.

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thanks for that as so far I am not impressed with the Phonak-as not impressive compared to my 8 year oticon agil pro… but has all blue tooth,but i need sound of voice and music to impress me!
I am in trial and settings changed- and learning how to change some things myself,but,- see how I feel in week or so.
Extremely disappointed,so far.

Keep us posted Tracey. It does take time to adjust to new aids, especially going from one brand to another, as they all seem to have a unique sound signature.
As I stated, I trialed the Marvel M-90R for 3 months, and could not experience the same level of music, and overall sound quality I got from my Oticon OPN’s.
Now that I’m using the OPN S, I’m even happier, and bluetooth streaming from the connectclip is as good as the M-90 R.

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thanks for responding.I had some settings changed again yesterday by audiologist,but after a few hours of such-far far too shrill.
Struggling with remote- and one aid not connecting to blue tooth.I tried about 10 times,so gave up and happily enjoyed my old agil pro to watch tv.
My damaged agil pro (one is irrepairable and doesnt work to full capacity)/is more enjoyable to wear and hear sound than these new Phonak Marvel 90 312.
Also, different audiologist whom is just doing her job, without the care of prior audio I have had in past.

Have you tried lowering the volume on the Audeo aids? This helps many dealing with being overwhelmed.

I have experienced with changes on app- but time will tell- and have to give brain a chance to adjust,but,so far, I notice changes/not improvement from my 8 year old oticon agil pro.
I guess I was expecting more and audiologist I am seeing is not really taking interest or time,so that maybe part of it too.
I am overwhelmed with different kinda sound,which to me ,is not as good as what I had!
Trying different settings,I will do more and more, in case there is a chance I want to keep these Phonak Audeo M 90 312- which many people seem to like.
My main interest is music- and live music- and i will test out tonight.

This is a common complaint with new aids. It could be just you hearing new sounds or it could bad programming. Hopefully it is just you hearing new sounds that will take time to get used to.
Could you share your audiogram?
I wear Audeo Marvel aids too. A few days ago I changed the fitting algorithm from Phonak Adaptive to NAL 1. It was like having totally different aids. Everything was way loud. I did hear new things but it was overwhelming. After a few days I put them back on the Phonak Adaptive fitting algorithm. It was educational.
Turning down the volume is the best thing to do when overwhelmed. You have good aids. Hopefully they will work out for you.