Phonak Audeo M90-R VS Oticon OPN S R

Just wanted to give my personal comparison of these products, based on my trial of them.
Some background: Had Hearing test at VA in 2013. The Audi recommended Oticon Agil Pro (remember?)
I was quite happy with the overall sound signature of the Oticons, so when I needed an update in 2017, I had done enough research to feel comfortable going with the OPN. My only regret was they were made for iPhone, and I’m a Android user, but the ConnectClip was promised (another story) in the fall.It took a year.
I loved my OPN’s, but this February, I had another Audi who convinced me to trial the Phonak Audeo M90 -R. She admitted it would sound different, but the fact it supports Android sold me on the idea, as I had not been too pleased with the ConnectClip.
I received the M90-R’s March 18th, 2 days before they locked down! She did a complete fitting with REM, and I was pleasantly suprised by the sound, and comfort.
Over the course of 2 weeks, I compiled a list of details to be addressed, I drove to the VA,and my Audi met me in the parking lot, reprogrammed, and sent them back with a Roger Select iN for streaming from my PC.I used the M90-R from March untill the 2nd week of June.( close to 3 months)
At that point, I decided to put on my Oticon OPN’s to compare, and WOW, like night & day. So Back to Oticon, and the OPN S.
Phonak Pros:
>Real Hands Free phone calls from Android
>My Phonak App allowed basic customized programs.
>Bluetooth music steaming was far and away better than Oticon Not HiFi, but better mids.
>Great fit with cShell molds,
>Overall voice recognition was good.
Phonak Cons:
>After several adjustments, I still noticed warble at high pitched tones.
worst of all I was hearing artifacts in piano recordings (flac & CD) upper octaves.
>Microwave, Toaster Oven, my cat’s collar bell!all sounded distorted, not clear.
>My Phonak app disconnected whenever my phone’s screen shut off, it took several seconds to reconnect.
>HA’s can only pair to 1 device at a time.
>Multi rocker switch is at top of HA, which makes it hard to change volume or programs
>Roger Select iN is monuaral, no stereo!
Oticon S Pros:
>Sound is natural and crystal clear ( Without even having REM, yet).
>Music is exactly like the OPN’s, Oticon has higher input headroom dB gain,and High frequencies gets up to 10khz, and it shows.
>Easy to place HA’s in charger, it uses inductive charging, so easy in, easy out. Getting 15 hrs per day with 45% still in the tank.
>Oticon ON app stays in system notification tray, so can always access programs & volume.
>HA’s are notably smaller than M90-R’s.
>Multi switch is at bottom, easy to work.
Oticon S Cons:
>Face it, the ConnectClip is a yoke around my collar:)
>Streaming music, even with bass boost enabled, does not compare to M90’sEdit 7/17 Audi did some remote programming which enabled a much fuller sound.
>NO MUTE function on HA’s!! Awful decision by Oticon. Must use Remote, or CClip, or app to mute!
I don’t know if this will be of any use to others, and again, this is only MY personal findings.
I can’t fault the Audi, as she is very knowledgeable about Phonak.
Thanks for reading.


I am now wearing OPN1 ITE aids and on Tuesday I will be getting my OPNS1-MiniRite-R aids with custom ear molds. It was interesting read God’s your review because I was thinking about the Marvels before my Audi pretty much made my mind up for me. His comment was that I wouldn’t like the Marvels after wearing Oticon as long as I have been.

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OPN S wearer here - quick note about your CON - you can mute the HAs directly. Hold the rocker button down for two-three seconds and the mic’s mute.

My main con for the OPN’s is that you can only connect one bluetooth device at a time to it, so I can’t have my phone and my laptop (for VOIP calls that come in there) at once.

thanks for comparing)

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Thank you for posting this insightful review. Just the comparison I wanted to hear.

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I fully understand that you can pair up to 8 devices but only one at a time can be connected. But that is pretty much a standard.
I have an Iphone so it is possible for me to be connected directly to my aids with the Iphone and to use the connectclip to be connected to my laptop or the phone adapter for my home phone at the same time. But even then it seems that things get confused and I will only pick up a call to one hearing aid sometimes.

These are all tuning issues the fitter should have been able to fix. The Phonak Marvel aids can pair with 2 devices. Your aids may have never been updated.

This could be tuning or incorrect domes/earmolds. Shouldn’t have been a problem.


That’s what I was thinking. Have your aids been given the Marvel 2.0 update?


I am also currently using an OPN 1 and trialing a Phonak Audeo Marvel m90rt. I have also been running into the warble/trill on high frequency sounds like people talking, running water, some electronic beeps and more importantly, TV. Boosting volume but cutting some of the high end didn’t help.

I’ve messed with various settings on the app with my iPhone, even reducing noise reduction, still have that warble, which at this point is so noticeable to be incredibly annoying.

I am now thinking to trial the OPN S 1 rechargeable. I think it might offer a bit more power than the Phonak.

That all said, aside from the warble, the Phonak offers similar sound to the Oticon, just a little bit more bass but I also think the sound is not as powerful as the Oticon OPN 1 I currently use.

There is a possibility that going with custom ear molds might help but that is a non-refundable cost and may or may not work.

Any comments or suggestions? My recent audiogram is in my profile.

The members who are musicians have talked about this trill sound when playing musical instruments. If I remember right the aids need the whistle block settings lowered to stop this trill. Setting up a special music program has also been talked about that has worked great for most.

Since you mentioned members who are musicians, here’s my experience. I have Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R’s. I have a 7’ 5" Concert Grand in my music room. I play several hours every day. I also have the Target software and do some of my own programming. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the warble. It is completely eliminated for music by turning OFF WhistleBlock for the Music Program.


The added music program I had all extra processing disabled.
I thought about buying a NoahLink, but just gave up & went back to Oticon.

That’s what my Audi did, and I still had problems.

That was the way it worked on the OPN, but a 3s press on the OPN S shuts off the associated aid, not muting both.
The user manual states that you have to use ancillary device to mute the OPN S.
My Audi could not find a setting in Genie2 to enable it.If you know how to set it up, please let me know.

I returned the Marvel’s 1st part of June.

I had a remote session with my Audi today, and she was able to get the Oticon OPN S sounding as good as the Marvel’s.


Yes, custom molds are always preferred.
I returned the M90, and am happy with the OPN S.
The OPN S has 113dB SPL input headroom.

What exactly do you mean by “all extra processing disabled”?

If you don’t have Target and NoahLink Wireless you have no way of verifying that “WhistleBlock” is actually turned OFF. If WhistleBlock is turned OFF for music, you will not have warbling. That is a fact.

You can also verify for yourself that the Marvel 2.0 update has actually been done. And if it hasn’t been done, you can do the 2.0 update yourself.

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I really cannot compare the two, since I have never worn the OPN. I recently moved from Signia 7NX RIC to the Phonak Naida Marvel. Similar to the Audeo, but is BTE and more power.

I am more interested in in TraderGary’s comments and have found the same issue, both with the Signia and Phonak’s. I too play the piano (5’ not 7’) and don’t practice near as much as Gary. He deserves the piano he has.

I have Connexx and Target and both use Noahlink wireless. You can sit at a piano and in real time easily find the frequencies that don’t work so well. I tend to find bright spots at 1,000-2,000 Hz. Notice this is where the frequency shifting often occurs. So, all the enhancements in the upper frequencies, including windblock and frequency shifting, are detrimental to performing music, not to be confused with listening music.

There is a guy in Canada that has made this a study and has published some very scientific papers on the subject of hearing aids and music. Here is an article he wrote and is spot on with Gary’s observations. I stumbled on it by accident.

I am convinced that in premium hearing aids (OPN and Adueo Marvel), there is little difference in the ability of the hearing aids. Who tunes them and understands what is going on whit the patient, who may be a musician, is critical. Acoustic coupling cannot be underestimated either. I recently moved back to BTE from RIC because of my profound HF loss and other issues. It did not take me long to get the music channel better for the piano.


The screen shot below is for Genie 2 version 2020.1 for a pair of OPN S1. Tell your audi to go to this page and check the box at the bottom to enable using Mule. Then a long press should Mute the hearing aids.

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