Phonak Audeo M90-R Marvel Rechargeable - experience?

When using my Marvel 90 rechargeables on streaming I use the phonak mobile app to adjust the balance between the streaming source and the ambient sounds around me. I can adjust that so that I get as little as 10% of the screaming sound and 90% of ambient to as high as 90% streaming sound and only 10% ambient sound. The system works beautifully In default mode you get about 60% streaming sound and 40% ambient sound. I totally love my m90 R aids.


^^^ What w.macneill said!

Only change “screaming sound” to “streaming sound”. :rofl:

Balance between streaming content and mics can also be adjusted on the left hearing aid. Pressing the front button increases the streamed level and decreases the mics (5 steps from default); pressing the rear button decreases the streaming volume and increases the mics (5 steps from default).

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Seems everyone on HT says Phonak recharge last 24 hours max. You still sticking with your 40 hour fly in the sky story?

I saw my error :sob: but figured you clever folks would figure it out!

I stick with my 40 hours flight @youbgone bgone I’m pretty sure they won’t last that mark if I do 4-6 hours streaming like other users. I don’t do more than 5-10 minutes of streaming per day, most of them phone calls. I’m in quiet environment most of the time. I find impressive those 4-6 hours of streaming from @daali with so much streaming. I don’t expect 20 hours with mine if doing so much streaming.

As @Um_bongo detailed you must take in account the usage pattern, level of hearing loss, type of dome (vented/unvented), type of receiver. I guess some people with profound hearing loss using UP receiver will get less uptime than somebody using S receiver.

Battery life will depend on streaming, environmental noise, and level of hearing loss (more amplification requires more power). My M-90Rs usually last 16+ hours with 10%-20% battery to spare (even with an hour or two of streaming) but if I am in a very noisy environment for many hours (e.g. at a trade show) they sometimes run out after 10-12 hours. This surprised me but it’s happened multiple times since I bought them a few months ago.

The good news is that they charge very quickly; on those rare occasions when they run out, 15 minutes of charging gives me the juice to last for the rest of the night. Note that you can buy a small battery pack that clips to the bottom of the charger, in case you are away from a power source.

One tip: if you have one ear that has more hearing loss than the other, have your audiologist ensure the bluetooth is hosted on your good side; lower amplification translates into lower battery use, so it makes sense to relegate bluetooth drain to that side. I was able to get much more balanced battery life by switching the bluetooth connection to my good side.


That’s the narrow directionality kicking in. You could theoretically move into some manual program, if you were in this situation and didn’t need the narrow beam for improved SNR, and avoid this battery drain.

Thanks Neville! That makes sense. I think the days that the battery died early I did indeed have it set to “Speech in Loud Noise” for long hours, and I had the volume cranked up.

I’m REALLY looking forward to the Roger select compatibility with these! Hopefully November?


As am I. I was pleased when the select came out. It showed nice responsiveness from Phonak after people kept trying to use all of their previous roger devices in restaurants and failing. It still has quirks (clear table of all centrepieces…), but phonak is trying and I appreciate that. I am still hearing October/November as launch date. Seems like there will be a sort of code-to-unlock the marvel functionality. I am lucky that where I am the government will supplement the cost of the device–it might still be prohibitive elsewhere. I don’t know how long our government will do that if FM usefulness and functionality is expanding and more people are accessing the funding. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all of a sudden said, “Wait, wait, pediatrics and severe-profound losses only”.

i had a trial roger select with a trial pair of boleros, and it was a game-changer for me.

while waiting for the roger select compatibility with my M90s, i’ve been using one of my HA’s as a remote mic. I take it out of my bad ear and hold it up to the speaker, and it sends their voice to my good ear.

@Neville: you suggested that the narrow directionality drains battery faster. My 3 manual slots are 1) speech in loud noise, 2) speech in 360, and 3) speech in 360 - right. I use the latter sometimes because my hearing loss is right-sided only, so that helps me sometimes (transmits voice of person on my bad side over to my good ear). I guess all 3 modes are likely to be high battery drain.

I could drop the 360-right mode since I don’t use it that often. Any suggestions on a mode that would drain less battery? Other than “off”… :slight_smile:

When will Phonak allow more than 3 manual slots?!! It’s such a ridiculous limitation…

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Automatic? Do you notice substantial improvement in your manual programs over your automatic program?

The audeo B had slots for 6 manual programs. I’m not sure why they dropped it.

Are you sure? You can do it with the binaural acoustic phone program, but I didn’t actually think the 360 program was doing that.

You’re wearing a hearing aid in an ear with no hearing loss?

This seems to be a new thing. My old Phonak Brio I’s will allow 5 programs, 2 Easy programs (like EasyRoger or EasyPhone) and then mute as an extra.

It may not be popular here but Costco has a new version of the m90 rechargeable that may be available in July. It WILL NOT be called a Marvel (Costco will have a “special” name for it) but it should be VERY close to the Marvel 90. The price should be around $2800 for the pair. As a side note your Costco (if you have one) may have an audi that could be very good or very bad but with the price savings it may be worth a look. The newer Costco model should replace the Brio 3 and will probably be short a feature or two that the m90 has. I have decided to wait. As a side note my local Costco did a FAR MORE extensive exam and interview than the huge ENT local physicians group. (Mobile, Al)

good luck

Not sure if this I’d the right place to throw this in, but…

I’m scheduled go get my Marvel 90’s in lex than two weeks and have been watching reviews and comments for quite awhile. While playing with my Galaxy S8 (which runs with android Pie), I noticed that there is a bluetooth option to allow connected devices to share the phone ringtone. If this works with the Marvels, it is a HUGE benefit. I have my ringtones for family and friends set to a different tune, allowing me to screen out nuisance calls. Has anyone tried this?

I just told similar information by the HA specialist at my nearby Costco…sometime in July is the expected release date for this new m90 version. …I also feel that the Costco exam was at least as thorough as the exam provided my ‘huge ENT local physicians group’ at one tenth the price.

M90-R drains in around 10 hours on automatic when I’m at a noisy convention.

Yes I’m sure that 360 mode transmits from one side to the other. I really depend on that feature! To verify, tap the mic on one side and you hear it loudly on the other side :slight_smile:

I have single-sided hearing loss which happened suddenly when I turned 40 (SSNHL, unexplained cause). I was fitted with a single HA (phonak exelia) and it was helpful but not great for me. Ten years later when it was time to get a new HA, my audiologist suggested trying a pair instead of just one. My good ear has no hearing loss at all, so I was very skeptical, but I tried it, and it has made a HUGE difference for me! Especially when the mic on my bad side can feed audio to my good side.


@Neville, I posted a longer discussion of my use of two HAs for single-sided loss. You can read it here: Single-Sided Hearing Loss - Hearing Aid Experiences

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I’ve had my Marvel 90R for about 7 months. I stream podcasts, music, and tv (directly from Dish network) on a daily basis. They last all day (12-14 hrs.) with no problem.
Sound is fantastic on all streaming except music from my phone when I’m driving.
In a quiet place music is great quality. Charging is really quick but mine stay in overnight.
Very happy with the rechargeable M90 since there was no cost difference.
I normally use the Automatic setting but when driving I use the “speech in loud noise” which cuts the road noise really good.