Phonak Audeo M90 Phone Call Problems

Sorry for bad english. My friends didn’t understand me during the call. I understand them while talking to my friend on the phone but they don’t understand me. My voice doesn’t go clean for them. They never hear me on the bus. I’m using iPhone 7 A1778. My problem is not just on the bus. This problem is happening outside. No problems at home. I keep the phone close to my ears during calling. When I was talking on the phone, the phone never stayed in my pocket. I had been send the device to service for calling problems. They just changed csheel of hearing aids and there is no change about problem. The problem still exists. Even in an operating street, I have to go to the side streets to talk. What should I do?

I use an iPhone 7 but with a different hearing aid using the Apple MFi to send the phone audio direct to my ears. I hear fine, and it is easy to adjust the volume with the phone volume. However, others have complained that they cannot hear me well. I find I have to hold the bottom of the phone very close to my mouth when talking so it is clear at the other end of the line.

But in Marvel, the system works differently. There are microphones on the device. It is not receiving sound from the microphone on the iPhone. The device is receiving the sound from the microphone. So even if I put the phone near my mouth, it doesn’t matter.

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Search Marvel phone quality.
It might answer some questions.

Yes, I understand that is a feature, and it does not work very well. Do you not have an option to just stream incoming sound to your ears, and use the microphone on the phone?

Based on some other comments about the Marvel there may be a software upgrade available for it to improve on the issue. Ask the dealer you got them from.

I did not understand. Could you tell me more in detail?

I looked at the program with my audiologist. No, there’s no choice.

I don’t think there’s any solution. Bluetooth headsets for phones go to great efforts to get only the voice of the person wearing the headset, and to filter out the noise around you. Hearing aids are the opposite, they are designed to receive sounds from all around the person, but not their own voice. It’s due the placement of the microphones and the directionality.

In simple terms, hearing aids are made to pick up sound from everywhere, and least of all from the person wearing them. For this reason, the person on the other end of your phone call will always hear background noise more than they will hear you speaking. You will need to find a quiet place in order to use the hearing aids as a phone headset.

I wish someone could make the hearing aids just work as the speaker part and use the microphone inside the phone. This may ro may not be possible, but I don’t think hearing aid users are enough of a market to get the phone manufacturers to create this feature.

One more thing: My Marvel M70-R’s are very sensitive to the location of the phone relative to my head. The right-side hearing aid is receiving the Bluetooth signal from the phone. For best sound, I have to keep the phone on the right side of my body, and preferably not in a pocket, but holding it in my hand. If any part of your body blocks the line from your right hearing aid to the phone, you will get static sound in the audio (both directions).

Do some searching on this forum. There are pages and pages of information about your aids and how to make them work for you. Yes, there are things that can be done to improve phone communication. It’s all about tuning the correct program.

Raudrive, OP is not talking about his received sound. He’s talking about the sound that the people on the other end of the line are hearing from his microphone. You can’t fix this with audio response programming.

If you’re talking about microphone directionality programming, there might be some potential. But I’ve never heard of this, especially not for excluding all external sounds and focusing on the wearer’s voice. There would be no reason for this in hearing aids.

Yeah. My problem is that people on the other end of the line don’t understand me. My voice goes to the person on the other end of the line in a muffled, scratchy and echoing manner, and also the sounds of the environments around me (vehicle sounds, people talking, etc.). I don’t have a problem here as I am very comfortable talking to them on the phone. @Raudrive

I am not an expert, don’t think many here are but there is information I have read in the past from pros that address your concern. One that comes to mind is if feedback manger has been ran on the aids. I also know the aids will have a phone program that can be tuned, maybe not perfect but better.
The biggest complaint coming from a few Marvel owners has been predominantly related to Bluetooth. The aids otherwise have a great reputation as hearing aids.
My wife just picked up her KS9 aids yesterday. So far she is very impressed with them. If she has issues with phone calls or anything else we have very experienced HIS and audiologist available at Costco.
As you probably know, all hearing aids are only as good as the fitter. Story after story of all aids not being any good are in these forums. It’s all about the fitter. The expectations of the wearer can play havoc on this too.

I am talking about a firmware update of the hearing aid software, not an adjustment. I don’t have Phonak aids, but the app for phone will display the firmware version the HA’s are using. I suspect the Phonak app will do it too… If you post it, others may be able to tell you if it is the latest one or not.

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Yeah I get it. My audiologist updated the firmware of HA but nothing changed.

I have Marvel 90’s and as suggeted on this forum I had the Audi set them to 'fixed bandwidth" I use an iPhone X and I hear the person I am talking to and they have not complained about my voice or understanding me.


Can you tell us any more about “fixed bandwidth”? Is that an overall setting or something in the BT streaming or handsfree program? Or some setting in the HA microphone?

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@bassman I’ll say that to my audiologist.

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The 'fixed bandwidth" setting is in the target software the audi uses to adjust your aid, My audi was unfamiliar with this and had to call Phonak to help her.This setting evidently helps with improving BT connection with iPhones. It seemed to work for me, every one understands my phone calls, I don’t make any outside, so I can’t comment on that issue


I just posted this very issue!

When I’m connected through bluetooth via iPhone 8, I hear GREAT! But other person says I’m not clear…like I’m in a machine. One lady (from a local school) finally told me she could no longer speak with me that I had to call back when my ‘phone’ was fixed…not knowing it was my hearing aids. Today a family member stayed on the phone with me while I went through settings…bluetooth on/off, speaker on/off, and the verdict is when my hearing aids are paired- my voice is distorted.

I’m following this thread.

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