Phonak Audeo M70-R only streams to one side

I have Audeo M70 R. At some point the music stopped streaming to both ears, and the Myphonak app only pairs one hearing aid at a time. I believe that both issues are a symptom of the same thing. The BT naming conventions that phonak uses “LE_L_Phonak Hearing Aid” and “LE_R_Phonak Hearing Aid” for the “Low Energy” version of BT that feeds the app. The 3rd BT name is “HA_Bluetooth” for the “classic” pairing for calls and streaming that my audiologist created.
Some how the name of “LE_R_Phonak hearing aid” changed to “LE_HA Bluetooth”. Almost as if it adopted the “HA Bluetooth” name that my dr setup up by making it “Low Energy”.

My question is, has anyone seen this happen before? And, is there a way to access those BT names to see if they can be changed back? I hope this makes sense. Lol. Thank you. Steve.

Hi - I have had issues with one hearing aid streaming only. I have the M90R’s with an iPhone X. Have you tried deleting everything and paring again - i.e. remove the aids from bluetooth connection and reparing on your phone and also deleting and reinstalling the app.

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I have M90-RT and my phone is Android. There are 3 Bluetooth connections. Two are the ones the app sets up. The third is for the right HA only and is the one that streaming goes through. After paired and connected turn on the left and it is stereo.
It generally works well with the phone, but with other BT devices (TV, laptop, Amazon Fire) it is common to have to unpair and re-do the pairing to get connected. Hope this helps. Not sure if M90 and M70 are different, but I’d be surprised if they are.

The difference in the M90 and M70 is the number of programs in the Autosense 3 program. The M90 has all of the available programs and the M70 is missing I believe 2 of them. There may be other differences too.

You might try deleting the MyPhonakApp and see how the aids work with your phone without the app. This is how my aids and phone are set up and have zero issues.