Phonak Audeo M70 Bluetooth Streaming Issues

I am having issues keeping the audio from either my Iphone or my PC playing from both sides consistently. When I first connect the M70’s to the phone or the PC and then watch a Utube video I get sound from both sides but after a few minutes the sound will cut out and then cut back in. It does this constantly and even if I reset the aids it still happens. If I turn off the right aid then the sound works perfect and never disconnects. I can’t try turning off the left one because it is the master. My audiologist is baffled and I have had both aids in for repair but no difference. I know this sounds weird but once they are connected and I am watching a Utube and I don’t move it seems to stay connected but if I scratch my nose or move around then it starts acting up.

A couple of things. It could be trying to connect to another Bluetooth device you already have paired. Turn off Bluetooth or of to any Bluetooth device you are not using that is paired to them.

If it’s Android, turn off battery optimization for the app you are using, that will cut out as well.

Seems to me you might have an antenna issue. Your signal is interrupted when you move. Try deliberately moving your head around and then walk around to see if the connection breaks in some positions and not others. If you find it cuts out anywhere within 30 or so feet of your phone I would suspect your aids are defective. You might want to exchange them if you can