Phonak Audeo M70, Bluetooth Connectivity, and Galaxy A50

Got my new Phonak Audoe M70 hearing aids August 19. Love the sound and streaming TV (and other audio feeds). My Galaxy A50 and the M70s are not playing nicely together. Phone calls cut in and out from hearing aids to phone speaker without warning. Second issue is that Apps, i.e. Phonak Remote (yes, the most updated version), Libby, and Pandora, interfere with phone call reception to the extent that I can’t get the phone call even manually on the phone. Looking for any help and suggestions.

UPDATE: 10/6/19 My aids were already set for ‘fixed’ bandwidth, so no solution there. IT WAS WIFI setting on my phone causing all of the issues. Best guess is that my cellphone provider was using my home wifi network to route my phone calls. Theory is the more the cellphone provider can do this, the more cellular network traffic can be accommodated. It’s a bit over a week and since I shut off the WiFi connection to my phone, I have no problems with receiving calls in my hearing aids or receiving a call with my hearing aids and temporarily interrupt TV receptor audio stream to my hearing aids.

I had to get the audiologist to change the bluetooth setting from adaptive to fixed, suggestion by Phonak. I’ve since seen this has been fixed with firmware updates but I’ll leave my alone, it’s working with fixed setting.

Thank you for responding. I was about to give up my hearing aids tomorrow.