Phonak Audeo M R/RT Model Info

I am considering some second hand HA & want to check the model no. M90/M70 etc. Where is this information displayed on the HA?



My model # was on the phonak card

It is on the inside, behind the battery compartment (although I am not sure if that is also the case for the R version)

Thanks for the replies and makes sense for the models with a battery, however I assume there is no compartment on the R Models, so is there any Model marking on these?

My left M90 R

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Excellent. Is that info under a cover or is it always visible?

The identifier is always visible.

You might be able to save money by purchasing the phonak Marvels through a seller on Ebay which I recently used. I have a post in the Online Seller section. It’s genuine phonak Marvels from the South Korean division of Phonak. He orders them from Phonak HQ to South Korea and then sends them from there to your mailing address.

He does this as a good Samaritan. He really want to help his patients get the best HA at affordable prices versus what local audiologist or specialist try to sell you overpriced HA.

I saved about 6,000 USD from buying from him versus what my Audiologist quoted me. They quote 10,000 USD for the m90r. Got mine for about 2,800 USD.

The documents are Korean but they’re online in English at Phonak Pro website

They’re good audiologist which sells the genuine HA at market price versus “profit” price aka overpriced.

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Will take a look the South Korean Seller. Do you get Warranty with them and have you had any problems when you take them to an Audiologist to have them programmed?

The seller sets up your audiogram into the device before shipping them unless you ask not to be programmed.

Buying an HA through the internet voids any warranty claim, according to Phonak’s website. You could still try to use it though if you plead with them over the phone or if you find an Audiologist to service the HA. It comes with an international warranty card.

I don’t take mine to the Audiologist. I program them myself with the Phonak Target software and NoahLink Wireless Bluetooth programmer.

Do you want pictures of the item you will receive if you buy from him? I still have them. Always take a picture of the box and the contents and send them to the seller to make sure customs didn’t take anything out. In the US, customs are suppose to put a label on the package if the seal has been broken but I don’t trust that procedure, so I sent pictures of everything in the box to the seller and the seller verify that it is all there.

Phonak Internet Sales Policy

Just seen a post from a US user that his insurance covered his HA and his expense was $2,000 USD.

His audi quote him 4,500 USD without insurance.

I was the fellow who made that post.
Just so there is no confusion:
The total price of the Phonaks was $4,500.
My insurance will pay $2,000, leaving me out of pocket $2,500.