Phonak Audeo IX & Remote problems

When I use my Remote to change to another program the left hearing aid turns off and it only works on the right one. It took me awhile to work out what was going on as I thought it was the battery going flat and when I looked at the life of the battery it was showing that it needed to be replaced. This happened on a number of occassions before I realized that it was actually turning off the left aid. It was very inconvenient as I was overseas for 3 weeks on holidays hence I couldn’t use the remote at all during this time and just had to have them set on automatic all the time. Has anyone else had any problems with their Remote? I have an appointment with my Audie next week.

I’ve learned you need to have the remote as close as possible and centered between the aids for them to both receive the signal. I rarely change mine from the automatic setting.

Just tried that but that isn’t what the problem is - the left hearing aid just gave 2 beeps then went dead as a dodo. I then turned the aids off and also the remote - turned them back on again and bingo the left one worked again.

Looks as though the remote controller is faulty and has been sent back to Phonak…grrrrr. So now I am without the Remote and am unable to change into any of the other programs. Amazes me how Phonak charges you an “arm and a leg” and the product still has faults with it.

Sorry to hear that. I also have the Phonak Audeo IX and have never experienced that issue with the remote. Aren’t you able to change the programs with the button on the HA themselves?

[quote=NayTatas;56519]Sorry to hear that. I also have the Phonak Audeo IX and have never experienced that issue with the remote. Aren’t you able to change the programs with the button on the HA themselves?[/QU

The button will only change it into Zoom Control - nothing else. Hopefully I will have it back in a week. Fingers crossed as I need to be able to change programs when in noisy situations.

DaisyD –

Are you sure about that. With the button on the HA, I can cycle through all my programs that I have set. I do have to remember in what order I placed them to know what I’m in. It gives me 2 beeps for program 2. 3 beeps for program 3 etc… Also, when I get to the Zoom control, I can’t set the direction. It has to stay on auto. If you have the Audeo IX, the experience should be the same.

Well I have still been having problems with the Remote. The Remote has been back to Phonak twice. The first time it was returned to me saying that there wasn’t a problem with it. It still played up so my Audie sent the Remote and the Aids back to Phonak with a note from me saying what it was and wasn’t doing. They were returned to me today and once again I was told there was nothing wrong with them except it was the batteries I was using which are Widex 312. I was told that I should be using PowerOne batteries or Ray-O-Vac. My Audie didn’t know this and she said it was the first time she had been told this by Phonak. I am just wondering if all you Phonak Spice users were told only to use these two types of batteries.

I would ask the Audie to order a brand new remote. If it still happens…it’s the hearing aid. It’s not the batteries. That’s BS…


I was not told to use a specific brand in mine but those are the ones that my audie supplies. I kinda doubt that batteries would cause it but it would be easy enough to try a couple of the recommended ones and see what happens.


The function of the buttons on the aids can be program changes or volume - not both. They are set by the audiologist.

Your Audi could/should fire up the Target software (be sure they have version 1.2) and under the accessories there’s an option to repair the accessorries… I believe all this does is reload the firmware. But it’s a quick start. I would have them do the same with the HA’s. Make sure the latest firmware is installed on all.

As for batteries. I have the Phonak Ambra and HAD the MY PILOT - Sent it back and (somewhere) I have the Pilot one – Can’t seem to find it – and it’s brand new… Very frustrated on that point…

Anyway… I buy my batteries from Costco. 30 batteries for < $10 - I don’t have any problem with them that I know of. I have had a hearing aid turn off as well though … Not often. Once with the Target Software and adjusting the sound recover - Not sure if it’s happened with the remove.

Good luck!

I am new to hearing aids, but have now had a pair of Phonak Audéo S SMART V’s for a couple of months. They have helped with my moderate hearing loss , but haven’t lived up to my expectations, ( maybe I expected too much). But my biggest problem so far has been with the remote,( it doesn’t work) It came with a case that could be worn on the belt. I tried this, but they only worked intermittently. Sometimes nothing would happen , sometimes one would change programs or volume but the other one wouldn’t. I thought it might be the batteries, they were changed, still the same results. talked to audi, he said it was very directional , and it needs to be held close to the head to work ( so much for discretion) I now hold the remote near my face and still get mixed results. I think my next step is to return it, to see if its working properly. a remote that has be to held so close is not much of a remote, it would be easier to use the buttons on the h.a.'s( if only I could control both progran and volume from these buttons, (but thats another story))

I am like you - I am so disappointed in these latest hearing aids from Phonak. By using Powerone Batteries the Remote seems to be working much better but at times still does not change programs and sometimes changes one ear and not the other ear. Very frustrating and very embarrassing when you are in the Bank and have to take out the aids, turn every thing off and then put them back in again. With the short delay on the startup that can’t be altered I couldn’t talk or hear what was going on. To me these Hearing Aids are lemons that came with a price tag of $9,000.00.

Must be a bad batch of Phonak Audeo IX remotes or aids mine does the same and will not work often from the belt clip.

Sometimes it will only change the volume of one hearing aid. (I thought the aids were supposed to communicate with each other!)

A remote that has to be held next to the aids is all but useless.

I was interested to see that you were from Australia too. I have been in touch with Phonak through their website re this problem. He indicated that he was not aware of this problem and was going to ring my Audie - not sure if that happened or not. Have you spoken to your Audie about this? The Powerone batteries has made a bit of a difference although they are still not perfect.

The battery number indicates a specification and should be the same from all manufacturers of that model number. There may be small variances in the capacity of batteries from different manufacturers but that should not affect the operation of the HA. Saying that, I would stick to known manufacturers as these days a lot of junk is coming out of Asia where QA may not be up to scratch.