Phonak Audeo IV vs Phonak Audeo V

What is the difference between the Phonak Audeo IV and Phonak Audeo V? I will see an audi who carries Audeos (according to the Audeo website):

and would like additional info before going in.


The difference is quite significant between the 2.

The V’s are based on the Eleva and the IX’s are based on the Savia Art, which is Phonak’s top hearing aid circuit.

The IX’s offer 4 automatic modes (versus 3), wind noise reduction, echo blocker, more controllable noise reduction and control over the sensitivity of the feedback canceller, more high frequency gain (clearer sound), and the list goes on.

Because the price difference is not so great between the two, I highly recommend the IX versus the V. Yet, if the price is absolutely too difficult to swallow, maybe looking at open fit with receiver on the ear might be more economical, such as the Micro Extra, which should be under $4,000 for a pair.

Thank you once again. I finally made the appointment to try the audeos. I am grateful you told me about the Phonak offer of the free 10 day “test drive”. The audi did not know about it and had to contact the rep, etc. I won’t see her until the 20th of August, so I will post again…I feel more confident with the info you provided. Thank you again!:slight_smile:

Does Phonak still have the free 10 day test drive? Do we need to make any deposits? How do we go about getting the test drive, in case the audi doesn’t know about this? Much thanks!:smiley:

Do they have the same chipset? I wonder, just like the delta which is the same amplifier so i heard

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I think Phonak will still honor the 10-day test drive. The deposit is up to the independent office. My office partcipated in the program and we offered a 30 day free trial, but requested a 100% refundable $500 deposit. I’m sure most offices would still honor that.