Phonak Audeo Direct

The Direct needs Bt 4.2, ruling out older phones. My s4 mini has 4.0, Ok it’s old, and to be replaced. But they make it look that all android and even non smartphnoes will work.

The aid does not have a2dp protocol fro BT. So no stereo BT. The TV streamer dies airstream protocol, I suppose something like the old streamer protocol.

I tested the OPN1 for 4 month, and that had two ear phone use. And with that in a noisy environment I could still not hear people on the phone. Like in busy office environment, or standing on the street, with passing traffic.
We were used to one ear phone for 100 years. So ne problem with that. Problem with most (Cell) phones it that they have a tiny speaker that doesn’t give sound in the ear direct, and at the HA microphone. My old home phone has a bigger speaker and works better against HA. ITC HA should do best without BT.

I think it says for sure it will work with BT 4.2, but may work with older versions.

I’ve been thinking about this. There must be a lot of un or under employed hardware and software engineers out there that are well versed in cell phones. since Micro$oft recently killed off Nokia. The HA manufacturers should be scrambling to hire and adapt.
Just saying …

Anybody tried these, reading the write ups it says that it will connect directly to BT, on any device ?, I’m hoping that they will connect to my desktop phone via a BT and TV through BT also - I have Iphone so should connect to this also

I think they will connect to 2 BT devices

I have been trying Widex Beyond 440 - these work well with iphone and as noted above a game changer from working through streamer - but do not connect to BT on desktop phone - phone lines are not the best these days so not the best but much better than old Oticon HA’s with there streamer

I think I heard they are having seminars for clinics this month in some countries. The release would be at that time. Be interesting to see if they really pulled it off and to what degree. It hard to fathom it working with just any BT device. BT5 is support for BTLe (Low energy) and is similar to what Apple calls BTLeA which was the hardware/driver to direct connect. Up to now, BT needed an added device to communicate.

What happens if someone only has a hearing loss in one ear? Can they still use a Phonak Audeo Direct? It seems that the Direct will only work with two hearing aids.