Phonak Audeo B90-R RIC vs Costco KS10 (bought at yard sale today)

Unbelievable. I just scored a pair of Phonak Audeo B90-R RIC’s at a yard sale for $1 with charger and PilotOne II. The father passed. I told them what they had and that it was worth quite a bit, but they were OK with my $1.

How does the Audeo stacks up against the Costco brands. I’m currently wearing the KS-8’s, but I had my eyes on the KS 10 after using a Costco loaner (not the KS10’s) when my KS-8’s were being repaired.

I’ve got all the original paperwork on the Phonaks. Do I need to notify Phonak that I have these for any reason?

I would take them to COSTCO for cleaning and reprogramming. If they needs to be unlocked, they could do that as well.

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Why Costco, OP doesn’t need to take them there,as they didn’t come from them, he could take them to any Audiology clinic for that, but only if they could be interested in doing it for him, a lot won’t bother, to the OP just give them a clean with alcohol wipes, buy new receivers and domes ( don’t forget wax filters) and you’ll be away, of course you’ll know in within a day if the batteries are in good condition and still hold a good charge.

No need, the warranty has probably passed anyway, they don’t like to transfer in most cases.

The B90s are just as good as anything from Costco in respect of quality, as for Bluetooth streaming that’s another story, no direct streaming with the B90S, but hey you can easily get the compilot ll for this if you really wanted.

Seriously good deal, if it were me I would have offered them a bit more, but hey a deals a deal!

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My mistake. After reading his post, it stuck in my brain that he scored the KS10s. Forget what I said about COSTCO. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.


I might be wrong but aren’t your KS8 Made For iPhone?

The B90, aren’t Bluetooth, you’ll need a Phonak ComPilot II or Phonak ComPilot Air II.

I tried the Oticon Xceed which are MFi but found my Phonak V70 and B90 to give better sound even tho they weren’t Bluetooth. I like to use my ComPilot with mine.

yes and I’ve grown dependent on the Iphone/KS8 connection for news, phone calls and recorded books. Thanks for the info; I was about to go on line to see about connecting to my cell phone. I’ll look into this Compilot thing. Even without a hearing re-program on the Phonaks, I can already hear better than with my KS8s, but it may have been a poor re-program and I changed the tips to ones with less of an open dome.