Phonak Audeo B90:10,312 program questions


I’m trying these hearing aids for trial period. They are programed for melody, speech in loud noise and comfort in noise.

I find the programs need to be defined a little more, meaning there isn’t significant change between each.

Also, how do you like the switch for volume in each program?

Are there any other programs you think are an advantage?

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The automatic system is called Autosense. It recognizes several environments and changes to the internal program for that environment. Each of these environment programs is separately adjustable. I had Speech in Loud Noise changed to increase noise reduction. I also had Car changed to increase noise reduction.

For manual programs, I have Speech in Loud Noise tweaked to max out noise reduction, for extreme situations that Autosense can’t handle. I also have Directionality 360, Directionality front focus, and Acoustic Phone.

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Thanks, have to tell my audi next visit.



You said you had the Car changed to increase noise reduction. Did you mean a vehicle.



Speech in Car program. All this can be found in google.



Car is one of the automatic environments it recognizes. Some others are Quiet, Music, and Speech in Loud Noise. Each automatic environment program is adjustable.



Speech in noise works is my favorite.
Just added echo to try at meetings in the near future.
We also had the noise part maximized in both Speech in loud noise and speech in noise
The latter was crisper in speech ie: hearing talk on car radio



Our Van is noisy and all I hear is road noise, the aids don’t seem to automatically recognize it.



Okay, then there are two settings, speech in loud noise and speech in noise?



Yes speech in loud noise might be better where dishes are banging in a restaurant. Speech in noise is more of a general background noise.

The audi said they seem to work differently for different losses. Initially the loud noise one was worthless for me. She increased the noise reduction to the max. It softened everything so i have to increase the volume a bit using it

I have Audro B-R 90. Still have room for more programs if i want. Use Compilot to change settings and control on aids to change volume.
Best combo for me



What is Compilot to change settings?