Phonak Audeo B70 Trial

I’m new to the forum and to hearing aids. I haven’t gotten around to add my audiogram yet.

Last Monday, I began a trial of Phonak B70 hearing aids through Connect Hearing (which I understand is part of Phonak). I’ve never worn heaing aids and with severe loss in my left ear and a small loss in my right, I figured now was a good time to address the situation.

This morning, I put the left one in and there’s no sound coming from the hearing aid. Changed the battery, still no sound. My ear doesn’t have wax build up. Funny thing is the left aid is working enough to lower the volume for the right aid. The hearing aid and receiver are clean and battery door is closed completely. What might have happened?

This has me wondering about whether I want to buy the Phonak’s plunking $4,000 for a pair that was ordered or was this just a fluke?

I go back Monday and my husband thinks I should request another pair and another week trial before buying. Any suggestions?

My best guess is your wax filter got plugged. It takes hardly any wax to do it. If you have extra wax filters, try changing it. If not, the only option I can think of is to send them back. I know you said there isn’t any wax, but at least with my vision, this is not detectable.

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Here’s a test I use to see if a hearing aid is working; Cup your hands around one hearing aid to make it produce feedback squeal. The squeal should be very audible when you hold you cupped hands next to your ear or next to your husbands ear.

But a plugged wax filter can even block this method of producing feedback squeal.

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Thank you for the tip. No I don’t have any extra filters. These aids are demo’s. I’m gouimg back on Monday to pick up my first pair of hearing aids. I’ve got a list of things to ask filters, cones, and wax guards. Wax guards aren’t the same as the filters are they?

Yes, same thing wax guards, wax filters, wax stoppers. Different filters for different manufacturers and sometimes even for different model hearing aid receivers. Here’s an example.

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I tried to make the aid feedback this morning as that was a trick I figured out a few days to test the left hearing as that’s my bad ear to make sure the aid was working. By putting the aid in the bad ear first also helps since my right ear has compensated so long for hearing, I’m afraid my brain might think the left is working if it isn’t. I hope that makes sense. In that way feedback is my friend.

Thanks, that video is very helpful. Great for newhies like me. I appreciate you sharing it with me.

For some reason on the trial pair I have, the dome is a dark color instead of white. Makes it hard for me, who also has eye problems (diabetic retinopathy) to see if the dome is dirty, but I do wipe the with a kleenex when removing the aids. Very little wax on the tissue. That’s not to say the filter may not be clogged, but the domes from what I can see seem fine.

And you could NOT get the left hearing aid to feedback/squeal, right? Meaning if you cannot get it to feedback/squeal then it’s clogged or broken.

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Nope couldn’t get it to squeal. However, the volume control to lower the sound in the working right aid works. I guess with Phonaks, if you have a pair, the button on the right aid raises the volume in both aids and the button on the left aid lowers the volume in both aids. The left aid (broken/clogged) aid is operating to lower the volume in the functional right aid.

I just wonder if I was wearing the receiver too far in the ear canal. Another is if the aid is broken, how reliable will the aids I buy be. Maybe I should shell out the money for Oticon OPN 1. I haven’t done a trial on those, but I don’t think the clinic I originally went to will let me trial because in that case, I would have to go through TruHearing so I could get the discount.

More evidence that your hearing aid is clogged, as opposed to being dead/broken.

What your buttons do is selected by your fitter when your hearing aids are programmed. It’s not just Phonak, other brands too. They could do other things too (program selection, mute). Though it you have too many options (including short push, long push options) it becomes difficult to remember.

I have not heard of Phonaks being talked about as unreliable.

Just make sure that your “free” trial is free, then do as many as you like.

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The clogging is what I thought since the aid still operates to lower the volume.

I think I either need to trial at least another brand before I make a commitment or trial another Phonak pair. It’s a lot of money and an investment.

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I don’t think there’s much difference in reliability among the major brands and Phonak certainly has a good reputation. Comparing hearing aids can be challenging as so much depends on how they’re adjusted.

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The absence of squeal may not be a test. The audiologist may have adjusted them so they do not squeal. My audiologist did that to my Phonaks 90 recently after I complained about squealing. No squealing now.

The occasional chirp of feedback isn’t bad. It is when it is too frequent. Sound is processed by the hearing aid and adjustable. Asking for the reduction can affect pure tone results. Listening to music can be such an occurrence. The chirp from the microwave might too.

A good audiologist might discuss that or do it in smaller steps. A lazy one might crank it to max and send you on your way. @Musician_72 has covered it better than I am in several threads.

Take your audiologist-adjusted-for-feedback-hearing-aid in your hand, cup it tightly, and then put your tightly cupped hand to your ear. It will squeal.

HWell found out from the audi when I went back this week that it was a plugged filter. He popped the dome and his eyesight is better than mine snd saw the clogged filter. I would have had some filters during the trial, I would have just changed it on the left aid.

I’m going to trial the Oticon OPN 2’s. Would love to get the OPN 1’s, but need to watch the cost, so the OPN 2 it is.

Thanks for the help. This is all a new experience for me. Now I’ve learned what to check if this should happen again.