Phonak Audéo B50-Direct issues corrected in Phonak Marvel?

I have the Phonak model stated above that was the first Bluetooth model released before the Marel model came out about eight or 10 months later. I expected some problems using new technology.
The most annoying problem was having to reboot one or the other HA three or four times a day. This would happen whether I was making use of the Bluetooth functionality or not.
My main question is, have they corrected the huge increase in volume in the left HA while on the phone’s stream which goes to the right HA. In about half of the calls, the left HA is picking up highly emphasized ambient noise - which of course detracts from the phone call.
I wonder if either of these problems have been corrected in either the Marvel model or the newly released Paradise model?

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I haven’t used my Marvels for phone calls but a few times. My only complaint was that my voice was picked up by the hearing aid microphone, not the phone. Sometimes, the person on the other end had trouble hearing me. The trouble you have with your Belong aids sounds like misadjustment to me.

No random reboots needed with marvels (3 months or so) or paradise (2 days) so far.

I mean, other to repair with BT devices after I reset them, or to shut them off.

Other stuff also looks like tweaking in programming is needed. Make notes and explain to your fitter what exactly it looks like and what bothers you.