Phonak Audeo B or Signia Pure primax 5px

I will begin tomorrow testing Signia Pure primax 5px and tested last week Phonak Audeo B Advanced 3rd level 1-4). I would welcome opinions from others on quality of both. I am mostly deaf in one ear (have been for about 27 years) with fair but below average hearing in other ear (slight drop off in high frequencies age/family trait related). Retired IT guy, 66 year old musician (hobby and part time job), acoustic and electric guitar in low volume playing group. I recently tested the Phonak Audeo B - cross system with aid in good ear and transmitter in bad ear. Both systems were/will be setup by pro audiologist based on my desire to increase clarity, fidelity and volume in my good ear with acoustic guitar sound being priority over speech - transmitter set to project similar sound on my bad side and my preference for very small amount of comprehension, echo cancel or need to block large room background sounds from hearing focal point. So far pleased with the Phonak but have the option of the Signia Pure Primax at almost same cost. With $500 insurance coverage both systems will cost be $2750 from my pocket. Audiologist, to best of my judgement, is highly professional and experienced, 3 yr warranty and services are the same. I understand battery life is better with Signia system. Priority, 1. increased clarity/fidelity/volume of my acoustic instruments 2. increased volume and clarity of one on one conversation 3. other general audio improvements with hearing aid. Based on your exp. with, research, conversation with other users - given good programming service from pro. audiologist - which brand do you feel would be the better choice for my first 2-4 years in terms of reliability and quality or workmanship? Thank you

How important is talking on a mobile phone, listening to music on your phone, watching TV, etc? I’ve tested both and Signia’s Bluetooth accessories for connecting to your phone, computer, TV are not the best. This may be important if you want to record or listen to music via your hearing aids.

With Phonak, you also have to make sure the audiologist sets up a music program with Soundrecover and any compression or noise reduction turned off to give you a clean sound. You may also want the audiologist to boost the bass frequencies to give you a fuller sound for music. Many of the default settings have been optimized for speech clarity vs music.

I prefer Phonak but you need to test both. Don’t be afraid to try other brands too.


Curious about your comments on Signia’s Bluetooth accessories not being “the best.” My take is that bluetooth is inherently glitchy, but curious what you found in your comparisons. My take from talking to hearing aid fitter was that EasyTek had moisture issues if worn underneath clothing and that people often didn’t fully seat the neck cable. She also mentioned that the Phonak Compilot 2 worked pretty well, but was kind of big and clunky. Thanks!

Bluetooth accessories for connecting to your phone, computer, TV are not the best.


Some of the older versions connect to the device with near field magnetic resonance. I’m not sure it is fair to blame BT completely here. My Phone Clip+ connect using BTLE>BT. It has been rock-solid. I can hit the can during commercial and still be annoyed by them. :slight_smile:

Phonak’s Compilot II and Compilot Air are rock solid solutions for talking on your mobile or Skype on the PC/Mac via Bluetooth. Signia’s EasyTek is cludgey. Sometimes it doesn’t connect and the App integration is very slow and unreliable.

That being said, direct to iPhone on the Linx3D is superb.


Thanks. So far my SmartConnect has been rock solid. Will see. I’ve read lots of complaints about Compilot Air.

I’ve found the ComPilot II works better than the ComPilot Air II.

Thx to all who provided information. Your comments helped me greatly. Just wanted to update my initial post start of this thread: Signia Pure primax 5px or Phonak Audeo B Advanced (third teir 1-4) for musician - almost deaf in one hear, other ear decent, some loss in high freqs. Points that were made or I discovered that I think may help someone in similar situation,

  1. As suggested found qualified patent audiologist. She is hearing impaired, singer and wears aid, so common understanding.
  2. 45 day test period, have tried out 2 other brands besides those above - Opticon and Widex. Although these aids were slightly better, minimal difference so declined those. if I were younger and did music for career as in past would have chosen one of the other brands.
  3. As someone commented, getting an in ear monitor and good amplification in addition or instead is important but the aids do help with quiet live music and of course with non musical tasks
  4. I use bicross so the balance between transmitter (in bad ear) and aid (in good ear) is critical, otherwise the latency from receiver will make music sound less true, unless you like chorus, phase shifter effect, etc. True, with acoustic or electric amplified instruments, if you can play with aids out, all the better or at least turned down and bass boost, mids down, and highs up - sort of a smile on equalizer settings. Requires lots of testing and program changes until you get it right or as right as possible.
    So, I have the Signia Pure primax 5px in now and one more week to test with newest settings. However, I think I will end up choosing the Phonak Audeo B - reasons -
    they seem a bit more comfortable in ear canal, despite diff tip trials on Signia and Phonak seem to sound a bit more natural to me, and have pretty much the same functionality and Signia. As always would appreciate any additional comments or suggestions/advice as I will pull the trigger on buying in 10 days.

Follow up to my original post:
Trial of Signia Pure primax 5px abd Phonak Audeo 70 - 66 yr old musician almost deaf and no decent speech recognition in right ear, decent hearing 100% clarity in left ear so using bi-cross system. Both were in my opinion good quality devices for speech but I chose the Phonak for these reasons:

  1. Signia had slight latency between transmitter in bad ear to aid in good ear, noticeable when playing acoustic guitar (especially on the high B and E strings) with or without amplification. Had a very slight phase shifter or doubling pedal effect, despite many different settings by audiologist
  2. Sound of guitar electric through tube amp, acoustic through Bose system or unamplified was more natural through Phonak tone-wise to my ears than Signia
  3. despite changing ear pads on Signia default Phonak felt more comfortable.
    I realize there are aids more specific for musicians but the Phonaks seemed best for my. So for guitarists out there deciding between these two or others might be worth checking.

Sounds like you did your due diligence and made a good choice. With hearing aids, the best choice is ALWAYS what gives you the best hearing experience. Everybody is different. Phonak makes solid products. Just make sure you get a good music program setup with sound recover turned off.