Phonak Audeo B-Direct vs Marvel receivers ... and PAIN!


While I’m definitely VERY happy with my newer Marvel RIEs, I’ve noticed that almost from the very beginning, I’ve had more ear pain with these than the B-Directs. It got to the point where I actually had to swap off the size (L) double dome on my LEFT aid with a size (S/M). That has completely fixed the PAIN in that ear, but the size is not optimal, so the sound quality is suffering.

Before I get in to see my aud-guy, I was wondering if there are any thoughts here about the differences in the receivers on these two models. I took some pictures yesterday, cuz it really bugged me as to WHY I was getting that pain. I’d have like red contusion marks in that left ear and a dull ache after wearing it with a (L) dome for a couple hours.

I can now see that the receivers are different lengths - note the very tip on each one. The 2XP aid is the old B-Direct; the unmarked one is my Marvel (it’s labeled 2P on the side you can’t see). Could the Marvel receiver be inserted BACKWARDS? If so, that would mean the angled tip is actually reversed upon insertion. I notice that it’s about 1/16" shorter than the B-Direct. Could it be too short for comfortable wear?

Also, when I lay these aids side-by-side, the wires curve differently, so that the tip is in a different position. Could that cause the receiver to jam up against my ear?

I’d really like to get back to the size (L) double domes on my left aid, cuz I absolutely can tell the sound quality is better with a better seal. Any thoughts that I could take to my audi would be most appreciated!



I would go towards wire angle. It’s putting a different tension/pressure in a different spot in your ear. It’s all a very sensitive area in there. The smaller dome cushions that tension. Maybe your ears have a callous for the older ones :slight_smile:
Great pics for demonstration.



Hey thanks for the quick reply! I was also wondering about the dang WIRE issue. Those wires are hard-wired for memory. I know some folks say you can warm them up with a hair dryer and yada yada, but I’ve never had any luck in re-shaping the wire. I definitely think this is a point to bring up with my audi, cuz the receiver would just PRESS HARD against my ear with the larger dome. I have more “give” with a smaller dome, but then music and ambient noise C R a Sh E! all around me!

The Marvels are supposed to be programmed to adjust to different environments to select the optimal program for listening (music, speech, noise, etc.,) but there’s only so much they can do when the fit is not optimal.

Thanks for the great advice! (photos courtesy of my Samsung S9, a lot of patience and bending over my bathroom countertop in 90F temps!) :slight_smile:



When I had Phonak audeo b50 312t they had to use a very small dome when I went with an xp receiver in my left ear.



The old domes can be jammed onto the new receivers, if it’s a dome thing.

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Hmm. Perhaps your having the small dome with the xp receiver was due to that receiver’s boxy, wooden matchstick size? I also find the Phonak power receivers not ergonometric for my ear canals.

Another thought occurred to me: I could stay with the size (S/M) dome and just go back in for the anti-feedback program. Maybe that would fix the “leakage” issues and improve the sound quality.

I’ll ping my audi today with my photos and ask his advice. Stay tuned!



I’m thinking it could be a wire-positioning issue too. While I know that my ear canals swell up in the morning, I’d managed to wear the (L) double domes on my aids since 2017 without discomfort. There seems something different with the new Marvel receivers tho…



It took me years to realize that the term “mold” is the same item as the term “dome” - only it is custom-made for your particular ear. Why not spend a few dollars and get a “mold” rather than an off-the-shelf “dome”?



Late to the game here! I am going back in to talk to my aud-guy in a couple weeks to talk about options for the “dome”. A custom mold may fit better - but ONLY when my ears are the exact shape as when the impression was taken for the mold.

I seem plagued by ear canals that expand and contract over the course of the day. So I wake up with swollen ear canals, rendering even a (L) silicone dome a challenge to jam in. But a couple hours later, all’s good & comfy. Two hours after that, and my ear canals have returned to their normal diameter. NOW’S when the slippery silicone domes keep sliding out of the ear canal - seemingly dragged by the “memory” wire that has a mind of its own!

By the time I go to bed, I’ve jammed and pressed the slippery silicone domes back in snug maybe 100 times? Drives me NUTS! I remove my aids, put them in the dry 'n store and next day the whole thing starts over again.

I almost wish there was a dome that went in ONE-way: like an arrowhead. But then how would I get them OUT at day’s end to put in my sanitizer?

I have not found the perfect solution yet.