Phonak Audeo B-Direct Steaming issues

I just picked up my Phonak Audeo B-Direct 's as a replacement for the Audeo B R’s - so I can stream my IPhone with out the silly ComPilotAir. This is primarily for work related calls. Sadly my IPhone was locked up and with my IT department when I picked up the aids so my audiologist was unable to make sure everything got set up.

I did not have any trouble at all getting everything to connect - very straight forward, I’m not a tech guy, but I’m above average for a non-tech guy - LOL,


Outgoing calls seem to work “OK” – but the quality of the voice (in the aid) is very scratchy, but I can have the phone on my desk and hear the discussion – I have to select quickly select “Hearing Aid” on the phone screen as the call is going out or it will not connect– I only have this option for about a second or it goes away and I am stuck using the IPhone.

Incoming calls I can hear ring in the hearing aid with the phone on my desk. I can only answer them with the IPhone (aid button is of no use) and they do not stream into the aid…or “if” they do (It’s hard to tell) the IPhone has to be right on my ear – if the phone is more than 2 or 3 inches form my ear the aid is dead - I pretty sure it’s not really streaming to the aid - the callers voice is stronger than without (if right by my ear) streaming so maybe a bit???

The first time I did the connection both aids where promptly discovered - hoping it might help I’ve tried dropping and reconnecting a few times and now it seems my right aid is not being found. (my left aid is the streaming aid)

I find this all very frustrating - anyone able to tell me what my expectations should be?
with full charges on the IPhone and the hearing aid it how far away from my phone should I be able to stream?
Should I expect to live with a scratchy poor quality incoming voice when streaming?

Based on the Phonak web site I should have a big smile on my face and be chatting away :slight_smile:
Not very pleased at all - I’ve only had this set for two days - I’m going to reconnect everything again and try fresh batteries…

The soonest I can get back to see my wonderful audiologist is December 11th and I’d sure like to get this sorted before hand so we can concentrate on a few minor tweaks on the programs

I greatly appreciate any feedback.
Thank you.

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How did you connect the Directs to your iPhone? And I’m confused about your comment about the B-R’s; they should connect to your iPhone without the ComPilot… Are you sure you’re setting things up properly?

With the Directs, one can stream from iPhone to hearing aids. One cannot do this with the B-Rs, but one can get an app for them. This can all be quite confusing.

I tried clarifying in this thread, but ended up starting quite a discussion: Smart phone compatibility--reality vs what people want

The B R’s require a ComPilot (returned) - the B Directs (have now) do not and will stream “direct” to one ear. Per both Phonak and my audiologist.

My issue is not making the connections - I did that per the Phonak instruction and they hooked right up and will stream for outgoing calls just fine. My issues are related to disappointing poor quality of sound and clunky functionality with how they preform (or don’t as the case may be for incoming calls).

that’s quite the wall of text with alot of personal stuff, I’m not too eager to read that through.

You can make calls and hear in your adis? only 1 side, or both? do you have to setup something before that, or tick an extra option before calling? is it automatik? every call you make out directly automatically switches to HA?

If somebody calls, you you only get the answer button, or an extra option to switch to HA? because HA isn’t perma connected to phone right? Does the app have an option for incoming calls, or how to handle HA connection per default?

Do you have additional options to chose from once picking up a incoming call? Can you pick up and switch to an option screen to manually enable HA connection?

which iPhone do you have, and what iOS is on your iPhone? The actual switching and audio handling is not done by the Phonak app - that and the streaming to and from your aids is done by iOS. you should be able to triple tap and pull up the built in iOS app. It will show how you are connected and which channel if you scroll down. Also try un pairing and re - paring with your aids, to see if that improves the sound.

You should call Phonak US and ask them to help you… You don’t need your audi to do this…

[quote=“Gery_R, post:5, topic:33189”]
You can make calls and hear in your adis? only 1 side, or both?
[/quote] One side only as designed - set up on left

If somebody calls, you you only get the answer button, or an extra option to switch to HA? I cnly can answer call on IPhone - HA button will not answer call
HA isn’t perma connected to phone right? Correct, times out.
Does the app have an option for incoming calls, or how to handle HA connection per default? No
Do you have additional options to chose from once picking up a incoming call? Can you pick up and switch to an option screen to manually enable HA connection? No - I do not believe so

Thank you - I have had trouble getting through to Phonak. I have been thinking this may be an IPhone issue. One other thing that “could” be an issue I’ve just thought of is this is a work phone with very tight security settings…in looking over the security settings I do not see a Bluetooth streaming lock, but I do have a “photo streaming” restriction.

It’s a 6S running 10.3.2 I have un and re paired a few times and it has not helped with the sound quality.

I am not having any luck finding the how or what channel I am connected to - I have noticed that I drop Bluetooth connections (times out?) and outgoing calls do not stream or give me an option to connect as they typically do when the “first ring” goes out. The program/volume app has only dropped once, but it took some doing to get it to reconnect.

I did have the program/volume app drop the HAs and it took a few trys to get the app the see the HAs again.

I don’t think Phonak claimed full MFi capability. What they say is that they will work with any phone but only to stream calls to one aid. The user can select which/best ear to stream calls to. It isn’'t for streaming music. You would need their BT device to do both ears and music.

I would try to set up my regular phone with the HA and test that.

check the options/manual as to what preferences you can adjust. It seems like a setup issue, since outgoing seems to work, there must be some kind of manual input on your end on the HAs or the phone to make a connection while having an incoming phone call.

Yes - understood - I just want to see it reliable and usable as designed - so far it’s neither.

This is my only smart phone - I’ve spent hours on this - according to the very limited Phonak instructions and the way everything hooks up I should be good, This same phone worked fine with two other steaming/Iphone featured HAs that I had on trial and choose to return.

this could be the case here. I think the giveaway is if music streamed to the aids is in stereo or mono. Jim may have to call Phonak about this - I doubt the audi will know about streaming…

Some aids makers kind of fib when they claim “works with iPhone” and this could be the case here - it may work, but teh Phonak aids don’t fully work with MFi, as Resound aids do.

Maybe thsi article will explain it better:

I thought you said it worked to one ear. You saw two devices but then only the one it streams calls to. That is what is intended. Phonak did something others haven’t been able to do but it is limited in what it does.

If you want stereo streaming of music, you either need to switch to a brand certified MFi or use their necklace device to work through regular BT.

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Read the con list.

I understand how they are intended to work - one HA is a speaker, one HA is a mic per the Phonak literature and as shown on their web site. One should not have to hold the phone to your head to hear or speak.

They currently stream to one ear (with poor sound) on outgoing calls and my voice (at least sometimes) is picked up by the other HA serving as a mic, but NOT with incoming calls - even though I hear the incoming ring through the HA. When the call is answered the HA does not stream the caller to my HA, nor does the mic HA work. The remote app for changing programs and volume is pretty stable and works as intended.

This phone streamed with Phonak B - R’s (with ComPilot) just fine and hooked up without issues. The phone has proven reliable with my auto streaming feature of my auto. All of the considerable IPhone features of the ReSound LiNX 3D worked as advertised.

So far (it’s only been a few days) I can not get through to Phonak by phone and the email I sent Thursday has not received a reply of any kind.

Interesting “con” list pvc - I noticed today a decidedly worse situation with “wind” - normal air flow over my Prius at speeds as low as 35mph was terrible - by 50 mph I had the HA turned all the way down, the “wind” program I have did not help at all.

I have no issues with function of one HA mono for phone calls especially given (if working as claimed) I can have the phone "up to 30’ away.

It is becoming evident that there indeed is a very noticeable drop off in sound quality processing from the B - R’s I had… to date the B - R’s have been a much better sounding HA than anything I’ve tried.

I’m almost positive that a single hearing aid is used both for speaker and microphone on the Directs (this is from talking directly to Phonak; it’s also the only thing that makes sense from a technical POV). If you think I’m wrong, please provide evidence.

Yeah, it’d be very easy to verify. Just open the battery compartment of the HA that’s not used for listening on the phone to see if the phone conversation can still be carried out both ways or not and that should settle the question.

increase wind noise cancellation scale to 20 only for wind noise program but it might affect ability to hear speech in ridding/car driving.(audi can do this)