Phonak Audeo B-13 vs Phonak Naida V-RIC

I would like to get either Phonak Audeo B -13 or Phonak Naida V-RIC? Both have identical receiver options (xS, xP, xUP), identical performance level options (90, 70, 50, 30), the same size battery (13), identical weight, nearly identical dimensions (Naida is 0.2 mm wider), and the same Roger options. Both have push button volume control, telecoil, EasyPhone, and CROS compatibility. There must be differences that I do not know. I would appreciate any help.

There aren’t many differences. The Audéo B-13 has a redesigned housing which reduces rustling noises caused by hair brushing against the microphone ports. The Naída V-RIC has the BroadbandBooster feature and is available in some additional colors.