Phonak Audéo 90Q and "Flex Control"

Hi friends,

I have bilateral Meniere’s Disease and have the "classic Meniere’s low frequency loss. I currently wear 2 Phonak Certina CIC. They have minimal tech in them (no Bluetooth or special programs). They were my first HAs and I had extreme sticker shock when I bought them.

I will graduate next month YEA!!! :smiley: and resume a consulting job that requires me to do some large group facilitation and coaching. With my current HAs I found that I just couldn’t quite hear enough to do an adequate job in large groups (with lots of background noise). So I am looking at getting new HAs.

My plan is to trial the Phonak Audeo Q (this is the Audi’s recommendation) but I am unsure which level of Tech I’ll need. My intuition says, that my hearing fluctuates so much (Meniere’s disease) that being able to control the HA on a day to day basis is a good thing. The Audeo has a “Flex Control” which seems to indicate this, but of course it’s on the premium HA and the most expensive. I’m just finishing grad school and don’t have a lot of money, so I’m not into buying the tech because it’s cool. But if it will really help…

So my questions:

Does anyone here use Phonak’s “Flex Control” and is it helpful to you?

How have you found the Audeo Q in background noise (like a restaurant) situations.

Thank you for your help,


I haven’t had any useful experiences with flexcontrol myself. However I’ve found flexvolume (available in the Q70 level of technology and the older SPICE+ Solana products) really useful for some patients with low-mid frequency fluctuating hearing losses. It’s a lot more flexible than your standard volume control as it applies more extra gain where your hearing loss is worst (which is typically the region of the audiogram that fluctuates the most) and minimal extra gain where your hearing is best.

If you’re getting CICs without any wireless features, you might find it more cost effective to go with the older Solana product (if it’s available for a lower cost), as the Quest platform doesn’t really add any major new features for that particular form factor.

If you’re getting a wireless device, you might find stereozoom (available in Ambra, Q90 & Q70 products) useful in very crowded places, but it’s only useful in 1:1 conversations. If you need to be talking with many different people in small groups you might find a Unitron Quantum / Moxi product with smartfocus more useful, and more economical.

What you go with will be influenced by the form factor and presence or absence of wireless functionality and user controls. Have a long conversation with your audiologist about all of your options.

Thanks xresolutionx for this info.

I’m in the process of having that long talk with my audi. The current plan is to change form factor (from CIC to RIC) and add wireless options. I really need to be able to do interviewing (often in noisy background environments) and small - large group facilitation.

I’ll also check into the last generation (Spice) HAs and see what features are added with the Quest platform. Going with the last generation may save me some bucks - especially since I’m (probably) going to need the higher end instruments. Thanks for the tip!

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