Phonak Astro MC vs Beltone CSp-II

I am just frustrated with all the digital hearing aids. I called Phonak Canada today and they said they stopped producing this programmable analog hearing aid already, but they might find some in stock.
When I checked this model on line, I found this hearing aid is very similar to Beltone CSp-II. They are both programmable analog HA, with Class D amplifier and WDRC. Can someone compare the two.
If I can have this Phonak HA, I think I will take it until Phonak will no longer provide the parts. I still think this will better than all the digital HA on market, low end to high end.

Any comments. ZCT, Xbulder, Audigal etc.


buy 2 just in case, so you have aids for say 8 yrs

There is a manufacurer named Electone which uses old Siemens technology that still produces a good selection of analog hearing aids at very reasonable prices. Do you know if your Beltones are Class A linear, Class D linear, or Class D AGC-O ?

I liked Phonak Astro, and had many clients who were happy with them. I haven’t fit Beltone, so can’t really tell you how Astro compares to their model.

I know many of the manufacturers won’t repair their aids once they are past 5 years old or so (they say it is too difficult to keep old parts in stock), but most of the all-make labs will still be able to repair them if needed.

Hi Audiogal:
I live in Toronto, Canada. Can you tell me which repair lab can still fix my Beltone CSP-II?


Hi Bobo:
What I know is Beltone CSP-II is Class D WDRC input compression programmable hearing aid. Any recommendation.


Hi Xbulder:
I will if Phonak has 2 in stock.


I send my all-make repairs to R&L Hearing Services in MN
You might want to give them a call and see if they have anyone in your area with an account. If not, your provider can set up an account easily. The nice thing is if R&L can’t fix the aid, they will just send it back with no repair charges.