Phonak app update / Autosense

My question is two fold.

For those users of Phonak, how do you feel about the app update of August 12, 2021 or so? Something I noticed, it may be a fluke, each morning when I put on my rechargables the default program was always autosense. Recently I noticed that the HA’s booted up into the program that I last used the previous evening. Anyone else notice anything? Connection time for the app and HAs is still terrible, making a quick change in modes impossible.

Since I mentioned Autosense, how do users feel about this program? Does it help or hinder? I’ve been wearing Phonak Marvel 70s since November 2019, never been overly enthused with my experience. In May of this year I had the HAs reprogrammed by another audiologist and she used something called REAL EAR. Basically she blew up the existing Phonak autosense program and with the help of a tiny microphone inserted in my ear canal along with the HA receiver, she created a new program. The new program did help in certain situations but I still struggle at the grocery store checkout, fast food counter and restaurants. Facial masks don’t help the situation and I realize others find this difficult as well.

I’ve been experimenting with my own custom program - I suppose that’s all I can do.


I’ve read on this forum that the App update only helps Paradise models and not the Marvel models.

(You may already know this.)

I like the recent update. I almost always use Autosense and don’t have a problem with it. I do use a modified Music program when I play my guitar and like the fact it now stays there if interrupted by a phone call or some other notification.
The app connects to my HAs within about 3-5 seconds which I don’t find too annoying … but of course would like it to be quicker ( Samsung Galaxy S21+)

Probably the “REAL EAR” she used is “REM”, for “Real Ear Measurement”. There is loads of info here about what that is, and Cliff Olson on his YouTube Channel explains it in detail.

It is intended to verify that the programming done based upon the audiogram, matches up with what you actually hear once you have the HA’s in place. If there is a difference, the HA’s can be re-programmed to match the REM result.

Autosense is Phonak’s “automatic” or “universal” program. It tries to determine the environment you are in and automatically change to whichever of the approx 6-10 programs in the Marvel that best matches that. So e.g., it should switch your HA’s to the “speech in noise” program when you are in a noisy restaurant, rather than you having to manually switch to it. When your new audi re-programmed your HA’s, she was changing the baseline settings of your Marvel’s to your new REM prescriptive target. That is not re-programming Autosense directly but it does change how the HA’s will behave in each of the Marvel’s programs that Autosense selects from.

I am very happy with the latest update. I can now save custom programs and they don’t stop working after a phone call or disappear after an adjustment. Autosense, now automatic in the app, works very well for me. I rarely ever change it to a custom program. If I am in a loud env., say a restaurant, I have one pgm setup for talking with people in front of me. It works great when I need it.

Apparently the app returning to the last used program and not autosense is something that a lot of users wanted. Check the search engine on this forum and your questions regarding myphonak would be answered without starting a new topic

Auto Sense works fine for me for the most part. However, three situations required me to custom program. First was a TV setting for watching sports. It was almost impossible for me to pick out the broadcasters and the crowd noise was almost painful in the Autosense and TV mode. So, I fiddled and created TVme which works for all TV experiences. Second problem area was a group setting. While autosense worked fine for the speaker, hearing other comments in the room was near impossible. More fiddling and decreasing focus to near zero solved that issue which became a custom called Meetings. Third was large group settings such as contemporary worship which is basically a concert environment. I found the my custom Meeting setting was great but I just needed to crank the volume down by three steps.

One place where autosense has worked wonders is on home music, both streamed and with over the air speakers. I have worn aids for 25 years. Prior to my Marvels, and now P90s, while I could hear singers, I could never really distinguish the actual lyrics. I was wowed when both aid versions gave me back most of that ability. Very thankful. Compared to the old analogs my father was saddled with it’s a near miracle what new technology offers. Best of luck!


Curious about your guitar comment. I play Acoustic but only at home and have been pleased on Autosense and Music settings. What environment and type of guitar required custom settings for yourself?

@Harlan I was getting artifacts at certain frequencies (and multiples thereof) which were annoying me. ( see some of my posts earlier this year) it was also happening with two Oticon More trials as well although slightly differently of course).
It was eventually solved essentially by removing the anti-feedback functionality and some other tweaks in the Target software that I have forgotten right now. These changes were made to the Autosense Music program and then copied to a custom fitted Music program. I find that Autosense does not always sense music and can switch to other programs, so the fitted Music program works well and remains in use until I change it deliberately. It’s even better now with myPhonak 4.0.4 as it stays in place after any Bluetooth interruptions.
Hope that helps!

PS this is a good resource for eliminating these issues…

The recent update of the Phonak app is much better. However the Autosense needs improvement. In a room with ceiling fan and window air conditioner, l hear the humming noise and often had to switch to the speech in noise program to hear less of the background noise.

How fast is the app when you want to change programs or something?
Are you annoyed by the slowness of the application? I haven’t had a chance to try paradises yet but reading the experiences of others, there seem to be people who complain a lot about the slowness of the app.

myPhonak app can be really slow. Sometimes it connects within 5 seconds, sometimes more than half a minute. It’s very frustrating.
That’s P90-312 to iPhone XR.

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Great info. Thanks for your reply!

I would buy a Phonak Paradise because it would give me a better understanding of speech and a lot more than my old Naida Q50.
But when I read those comments complaining about the speed of the app, I often think I would wait for the next version of HA to have that issue resolved. Because I buy HA for a longer period, at least 5 years.
New hearing aids seem to come out in just 2 years.

What I need most now is to better understand the sound of speech flowing through bluetooth, for example when I listen to an audio course of foreign languages that is harder to understand how to pronounce something. Do you consider Paradise an advancement in this area compared to the older Q50?

Sorry I cannot comment on P90 v Q50. However the app only really bothers me when I adjust the streaming audio to mic ratio. Other times I use the buttons on the HAs to change programs when need be.

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As far as slowness of the app goes, yes, sometimes it’s 5 seconds other times it’s 20 seconds. I would say a good average is 8-10 seconds. It has never bothered me though, it’s not like I am in a rush or hurry when I decide to change something or look at something in the settings, so it’s not a big deal to me. The overall effectiveness of these aids far out way that minor delay.

As far as speech over blue tooth, I think they are fantastic. Bluetooth connectivity works 100% for me and clarity is perfect. I hear far better with bluetooth or streaming then I do the regular way. I can’t compare with older Q50, but I did have another popular brand (can’t remember the name) for a while years ago that I stopped using shortly after getting them because I still could not hear well with them and speech was an issue. These P90’s are a night and day difference. I never go without them because speech is great over the air or bluetooth. I frequently watch how to videos via bluetooth and the clarity is awesome.

As far as the App. update, I love it. Works great for me and saves programs just fine. This update was icing on the cake for me. I even had an adjustment and didn’t lose any afterwards.


It was slow with the marvels and its slow with paradise. Not terribly slow but on the slow side. I wouldn’t assume the next version of aids will make the app run faster

it should be accelerated, as the next version could be the Bluetooth LC3 that has been talked about for some time. Just need Android to be compatible with ASHA Bluetooth.

Well their last update pretty much ignored the marvels so I don’t have high expectations

I rarely use the app. The exception is to control my Roger pen where the app is essential to reduce the background in favor of Roger. My main grip with the app is most of the time, it doesn’t connect. Even though my bluetooth is already connected to my (right) aid. I don’t understand this and it really bugs me!

I also rarely use autosense. I find the transitions rather distracting. While watching sports, when the crowed roars, autosense cuts my volume and for several seconds, I can no longer hear the announcer! In the car, autosense cuts the background noise (good) but also cuts my radio to where I can no longer hear it. Turning the radio volume up, it irritates my passenger! For these two reasons, I use my custom music program almost exclusively. Sure, I get more background noise but to me, that is more normal.

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