Phonak App & Smart Watches

With the Phonak Marvels, only one aid will pair to a Bluetooth-enabled device. That aid will send audio to the other aid (through your head). I always listen to music from my iPhone X when walking. In order to have the iPhone close enough for Bluetooth to connect reliably, the iPhone is kept in a left shirt pocket. I have therefore had my audi set the left aid as primary, and iPhone Bluetooth Settings only show the left aid connected … but the stereo works well. I have tried to use my Apple Watch as a music source, but the Bluetooth connection is not reliable enough … unless I hold my watch up to my aid (not advisable).

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I can stream music directly from my Apple Watch to my Phonak Marvels but the sound only comes out of my right aid - if I stream music from my iPhone XR I can hear the music in both ears - anybody know why - the music is stored on the watch.

it seems that the watch only stores the songs that I listen to most. I do not listen directly from my watch and do not understand why it stores any of the songs at all.

I am not sure, but it could be that streaming music to both ears is not the issue here. It’s just that the myPhonak app does recognize just one side. Maybe @keflin2612 can confirm.