Phonak app "myCall-to-text"


I’m curious if any of you have used the Phonak app myCall-to-text app? I’m a little concerned about their privacy policy. It sounds like an awful lot of collection of personal data. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Jan



I downloaded the app and I can’t get it to work. Phonak makes wonderful HA’s but awful apps.



Wow! Only one person here has tried it?

I tried it once in December when I first got my Marvels and had some problems (I don’t remember what, now) and never finished testing because I got sidetracked testing other features.

I thought I’d try it again before my hearing appointment tomorrow, only to end up disappointed. I thought I remembered that I could caption incoming calls for free, possibly with a time limit. If I’m understanding correctly, though, this is only true if the caller has installed the app. To caption calls from everyone (which it says you can do in the description), it apparently costs a minimum of $5 US a month.

The Google Play rating today is 3.5 with just 35 reviews and only 1K+ downloads – not very encouraging.