Phonak App can't connect with my hearing aids

Yesterday my Phonak app would not connect with my aids. I have tried unpairing and repairing. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled. It all worked before that.

Anyone else experienced a problem?

My aids are Marvel 90s.

Have you tried turning off and then turning on your hearing aids during phonak app searching for the aids

If you haven’t tried pairing one HA at a time that might help.

I don’t think that’s what he means. Before you try to pair the aids you need to turn both aids off and then turn them back on and then pair them

Not sure who @hass5744 is referring to, but here is more detail on what I’m suggesting.

Turn off both HAs
Forget you HAs on your phone, a.k.a. unpair them.
Turn on one HA.
Pair the HA.
Turn on the other HA.
Pair the other HA.

I know he’s having problems but I’m not sure or never paired the aids individually. I’m not even sure the app will do that although I’ve never tried individual pairing

There’s no problem pairing one at a time, within the App or on the Phone, as they are always “linked” as a pair. I’ve always done this at the same time, but it doesn’t really matter.

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I have done everything suggested above. I will try the one-at-a-time and have also reinstalled.

Have you tried replacing the battery in the aids? I have found there seems to be a point where the battery still seems to power the aids okay but doesn’t seem to have enough oomph for the app.

When i had to repair the App, it wouldn’t repair unless I physically turned Bluetooth off on phone as well and then back on again.


Do you have a android phone? The update on September 20 seems to have caused a lot of problems. (See the reviews on Google Play.) I have had much more difficulty connecting my KS9s to my Pixel.

My aids are rechargeable. I did a further reinstall and paired first the left aid, Phonak reported searching for the second. I switched it on and it paired. Now connection is both achieved and is about 8 seconds faster.

After the problem first occurred, I checked and found the App was 02/09/2022. After reinstalling, same Android App version and they connect.

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