Phonak Ambra's & iCom

I Love my Ambra’s… However, often when listening to music the connection will drop for a few seconds or become very choppy… The iCom is around my neck as I understand the loop is the antenna for all intense purposes. This can be very frustrating. Does anyone else experience this and if so - Did you get it corrected? Everything is still under warranty but of course I cannot replicate the issue. I’ve checked all items to insure the latest firmware has been applied.

The other issue is when on the phone using blue tooth people have complained that it sounds like crap. I want to hear what it sounds like but how would I do that!??

I also have an iCube and when adjusting I sometimes have to hang the loop of theiCube off my ears to prevent connections from dropping. Mostly the right ear it seems.

Do these symptoms seem to imply a problem with the aids??
My audi is rather clueless on the Target / Spice applications. I am sure I’m more advanced than she. No offense… I tend to adjust too much at once… I’m learning though…

Help is greatly appreciated…

You can call someone on answering machine.
Or if you have recorder on your cell, you can record a call.

Its sound you have bad icom, and i suggest you tu try another (make) phone.
If same, replace it. I had bad experience with Oticon streamer. Peoples complained even in quiet environment, and i swapped it for new one.
In quiet room, ICom should not sound any different to other person then talking on phone.

About - try zoom to left (or duophone program), and test if you heard on right if you held source on left. Then try zoom right (or right phone ear) and listen to left…
If not working correctly there is problem with wireless.

Also, duophone is separate program activated with remote (or buttons).

Try re-pairing the ICom to what ever your listening to the music though, this might solve the problem; it might also solve the crappy connection with the phone, however, you could have a bad loop on the ICom or the unit itself could be defective. If you have a phone with an answering machine or someone else with a cell phone call and leave a message and see what it sounds like. I had a similar problem with my Oticon Streamer and I found out my shorter loop was bad and I also found that if I pulled the loop so it hung over my back and chest which brought the Streamer closer to my HA it sounded better and didn’t cut out. Good luck!

Ok… Look… I really appreciate the suggestions… But when you both tell me to call an answering machine to see how I sound it just made too much sense… Really made me feel like there’s also a disconnection between my brain… Thx!! :slight_smile:

I will try these out and report back. BTW - repaired a few times… Love Pairs too!

Sometimes it seems by Blackberry cuts out less than my Droid… But I haven’t really stress tested that theory yet… I will…

Great advice… As always… Love the forum…

Have a great weekend…

I have BTE Solanas and found that the angle of the aid above my ear was critical . If the aid was a bit askew, ie not parallel to the side of my head, I experienced the choppiness you describe. Maybe the same problem with the Icom.