Phonak Ambra MicroM

My audiogram:
l 125 -25 / 250 - 35 / 500 - 40 / 1 K - 40 / 2 K - 50 / 4 K - 50 / 8 K - 5 / - 5
R 125 -10 / 250 -25 / 500 - 40 / 1 K - 45 / 2 K - 50 / 4 K - 45 / 8 K - 5 / - 5

After the Phonak Exelia Art and Widex Clear440 I am currently trying out the Phonak Ambra MicroM with adjusted custom molds. I rather prefer open fit, but the audi explained that I could have problems with leaking sounds and feedback.

As posted in another topic my audi is still finding his way with the Target program and even the possibilities of the aids. A week ago I asked him to restore the August 24 settings, as the three adjustments made later on, just made things worse. At home I soon came to the conclusion that the HA still doesn’t perform the way they were programmed on the 24th of August, especially with (classical) music.

Is this possible? Is their a specific way to adjust the Phonak Ambra MicroM to a previous session that perhaps the audi overlooked (cf. wiping out the latest settings)?

I called my audi, but he doesn’t believe me and concluded that (1) my hearing is unstable and (2) he isn’t willing to make further adjustiments for this reason :frowning:

The high tones tones being far to uncomfartable (too sharp), should the soundrecover be put on? But will music not get distorted by this?

I become discouraged and wonder if it wouln’t be better to continu without HA…

In Target, unless the audiologist specifically told the software to forget its prescription and the fine changes made, it won’t revert to the initial fit: even if the ‘re-calculate’ button is pushed. I specifically queried this with the rep a couple of months back, as I was struggling to get an aid to revert to it’s initial fit setting.

Soundrecover is not designed for a wide cookie-bite loss like yours: it will pull sounds from the good part of your hearing and put them into a part where you have less sensitivity.

I’m a bit concerned you are being fitted with a custom tip, especially when you have very little loss in the low tones. IMHO, it would make much more sense to open-fit this aid (as designed) and only provide amplification as needed. The MicroM will comfortably fit 60-70dB losses with the closed standard domes - 40-50dB is within the remit of the open ones. It’s also essential that the correct coupling (dome/tube/fit) is selected and the feedback manager run FIRST, before any changes are made to the fitting. The aid models its output at this stage: failure to do this just makes a mess of the fitting.

I have lost confidence in my audi. He doesn’t like the fact that I am gathering information on the internet. But it is my reaction to the fact that it takes him so long to get the aids correctly adjusted. He didn’t even know that the Ambra’s had 5 extra programs next to the automatic mode and that the acoustic phone (duophone) isn’t included in the automatic mode.

Next week I have to decide if I buy the aids or not. As I feel know, I doubt if I will do it as he told me he isn’t willing to make any further adjustments.

This morning I went to another audiologist who works with GN Resound, Siemens and Phonak. As I want a music program, she told me that only the premium aids are to consider. Can anyone tell which aids are better for music : Resound Alera or Phonak Ambra?

About premium aids, its true that in let say Phonak Smart S premium IX aid have in Soundflow automatic music program. That mean it will automaticaly detect music and switch to it. But it doesnt prevent you for add manual separate Music program from soundflow so you can buy cheaper one (Smart S V) and still have music program. Just not automatic switching one.

If it was me I would definitely return the aids to the audi who refuses to adjust them.

I can’t compare Resound to Phonak as I have never used Phonak, but I can tell you music sounds pretty darn good with my Resound Future (Alera). Music sounds fine on the general program but I also have a music program that seems to have slightly more highs and instruments like the piano sound very good, natural, and “right”.

I too would return the aids and go elsewhere. Keep looking until you find someone you feel you can work with. The worst customer for anyone trying to sell something is an educated customer.

Indeed, and I presume my audi is thinking the same :smiley:

I would also return any product where good customer service is key to success when the professional refuses to service the customer. I don’t care how frustrated you are working with a patient…they are the ones that just laid out money for the professional to help them and it is not their place to refuse service.

I have fit Phonak and ReSound (although very recently resound and much longer Phonak) and find that they both have good qualities. I think the Phonak hearing aids are far more aggressive at hearing soft sounds and for this reason, works great with a lot of people…however, for the same reason some people just don’t like it. I’ve had about equal success with the Phonak Smart IX/Ambras and Alera 9’s that I’ve fit (except for the remote mic models- patients are not as thrilled with those - prefer the open fits) so far. I do like the stereozoom feature of the Smart IX’s/Ambras though…but the ReSound software has more flexibility it seems - but that’s from my end and wouldn’t be something the user might notice.


Your Audi must not need clients! Return them and good riddance. If that’s the full audio gram that was provided to you then I’m sorry to say - with a jump from 45 to 5 from 4k to 8k I would think a bit more due diligence should have been applied for the ranges in between for a better fit all together. Same across the board really.

As for Phonak Ambra M - In my ears as we speak. Just changed batteries!
I have power domes or maybe they are the standard closed domes?. I want to get/try one though. I heard that custom molds provide a better fit and sound quality. I’d like to know if there’s truth to that? Anyone?
Point is, I do not NEED a custom molds so you should be okay to try them.

Anyway, I am thinking you should try the aid with the Sound Recover turned off -
Some people just do not like it.

R 25…40…45…50…65…45…5
L 35…40…40…50…65…50…5

R 40…40…55…65…65…65…65…65
L 30…35…50…55…65…65…65…65

I tryed if off in separate music channel. Funny thing is music sound better in auto. And my SR begin in 2,5 khz…
softer normal “s” is unreachable in any way. I only heard it properly with epoq xw bte thick tube with soft molds…
Must be off limit in ric especially with closed domes.

Yes, I have read that too. Still my hearing loss is not that bad that hearing aids have to take over all the way.

And custom mold gives me the sensation that my ears are plugged up. It doesn’t feel natural.

I noticed that when I am tired or stressed I experience difficulties with this “aggressiveness”. And certainly if the aids don’t sound good (for example distortion when listening to classical music).

I can’t compare the Phonak Ambra MicroM with the Resound Alera9 as my current audi just works with Widex and Phonak. I found the Widex 440 Clear rather boring and they are not so good in excluding background noise.

Well, I have more news. By chance I was able to get an appointment today.

The audi confirmed me that he isn’t willing to make any further adjustments now as he is convinced that the aids are set properly and my hearing seems to be unstable. He mentioned that he has years of experience and that he doesn’t want to get suggestions from what I might have read on the internet. He ended with the remark that trust is lost on both sides and that it is difficult to work that way.

So I returned the Phonak Ambra. Afterwards I went to the audi I have seen on Monday and my first appointement is scheduled for the 31th of October.

What a progressive attitude…:rolleyes:

That’s a very poor result in terms of his continuous professional development. As for his years of experience, all well and good, but the Ambra has only been out for about a year - it seems like he’s not willing to learn from his mistakes when fitting it.